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  1. Good to know Mike, thanks! This was just the best price I'd ever come across on them, so I thought I'd pass it along. 🙂
  2. Great deal right now on double edge razor blades on Amazon "Black Friday Deals". 50 blades for $8, vs 10 blades for $5-10 elsewhere. Get 'em while they're hot! 🙂
  3. For streamers and bass bugs -- which is easily 75% of what I tie -- I like the Gamakatsu B10S for bigger bugs, Clousers, and the front portions of articulated streamers. For single-hook streamers and buggers I use Daiichi 2461 when I can get them. (I like the straight eye and the black finish.) When I can't get the Daiichis, I usually default to Wholesale Fly Co. All of my dries, wets, and nymphs are tied on various Wholesale Fly Co. hooks. I always think of an ad that used to run in the fly fishing magazines (remember those?) I think it was a Tiemco ad; in any case, it showed a rigged fly rod, complete with leader and fly, and it had labels with little arrows pointing to different parts of the rig, with prices ("Fly Rod -- $500, Fly Reel, $300, Fly line, $100, etc.) The one by the fly said "Hook: $0.25." Below the picture was a single line: "Which part catches the fish?" That stuck with me.
  4. My wife and some friends wanted a week in the mountains, so they got us a very nice rental house in Maggie Valley, NC - that's about 45 min. east/northeast of Bryson City. I got out fishing twice; once on the Tuckaseegee ("Tuck") and once on the upper Nantahala. I fished the delayed harvest sections in both rivers. The Tuck was a little "underwhelming" -- I had trouble finding an access that wasn't right next to a busy highway and/or already being fished by 5-10 other anglers. I did manage one little smallmouth bass to the net, and I saw several trout rising that I couldn't interest in even the smallest dries I had (#20 BWOs). The Nantahala was a significantly more rewarding experience. The section I fished (off Wayah Road in the delayed harvest section) was absolutely gorgeous, and I had better luck there. The rainbows would hit a small dry (#18 ParaWulff) on a decent drift between pockets. After I got the hang of walking on the slippery rocks (Note to Self: buy metal tractor-cleat things for wading boots) and spotting the bigger fish, I found a deep pool in which there were three nice browns. Each of them cruised over once to inspect one of the flies I ran through there, but nobody bit, alas. I probably fished over those browns for the last hour I was there. It was frustrating but in the best way -- the time flew by and next I knew it was time to head back. I did ask the guys at the fly shop about getting a ferry ride from Fontana Marina over to the mouth of Hazel Creek, but they told me that I shouldn't try fishing those areas by myself, especially since I'd never fished in the area before and didn't have at least a full day to commit to the venture. Good to know for next time, and I will go back. Thanks to everyone here who offered your advice on the fishing in western NC -- it definitely came in handy! Cheers, Bryon
  5. Thanks DrLogik, that sounds awesome! As it happens, the place we're staying is actually right outside Bryson City, so the waters you mentioned will be on my list.
  6. Nice tie! The Gray Drake is one of the first "big fish" hatches here in Michigan.. (There's even a fishing lodge on the Muskegon named for them.) We pretty much just fish spinner patterns, as the conventional wisdom here is that there isn't really a dun emergence to speak of; the duns apparently just crawl out onto the bank (kind of like stoneflies) and into the bushes. The spinner fall is what gets the fish looking up. That being said, it occurs to me that they probably look a lot like your winged wet pattern when they're getting to the bank, and I bet that pattern would fish well as a spinner, too. This one will go into my "New patterns to try next year" folder.
  7. Thanks to everyone who replied! It looks like I will definitely be taking the waders and a couple of rods along on our trip. Trout fishing in November, woohoo!
  8. Has anyone here ever tried Euro Nymphing for Steelhead -- specifically in Michigan Great Lakes tribs? I am very curious about this technique and would like to learn it. I believe I have a good rod for it (a beautiful 10' 7 wt. from our own Steeldrifter/Midwest Custom Fly Rods ), now I just need someone that can show me how it's done. If anyone here could recommend a good guide service in Michigan with experience in the method--or if there are any Michigan folks here who know the method and might be willing to do a "teaching day" with me (I'm willing to pay), I'd be most interested and appreciative. Thanks - Bryon
  9. Thanks guys -- Noahguide our rental is actually a little west of Asheville, so the Nantahala should be in decent drive-to range, but I will give the Pigeon a look as well! Thanks for the Google pin. We are driving down, so I will have the capacity to bring several rods and assorted gear. I'm thinking I will bring my 8'6" 5 wt. glass and a 9' 5-6 in case I need to throw some small streamers or something. "
  10. I misspoke -- my pattern will be an Irresistible Wulff, not an Adams Irresistable. That will allow every material on the fly except the thread and the hackle to come from the deer family. 🙂
  11. I will be staying in a rental house in the Asheville NC area the second week of November. Can anyone familiar with the area tell me if it's worth the effort to bring some fishing gear? I know that NC has some great fly fishing, I'm just not sure what it's like in November. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks - Bryon UPDATE - after some Googling, it looks like the Nantahala is close to our rental and has good fishing in the fall, so that will be on the list. I'd still be curious to hear what others have experienced in the area though.
  12. Huevo Frito Alevin are packaged up and will be mailed out tomorrow.
  13. Changing my pattern - I will do the Heuvo Frito Alevin 🙂
  14. I'm in - I'll do a dirty white zonker/smolt pattern.
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