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  1. I love my 2017 Outback Touring edition, but I had to turn off lane centering and auto-steering; they were driving me nuts. I got spoiled by the heated steering wheel and the automatic high beam/low beam adjusting headlights though! I definitely want those on all my future vehicles. BTW if you want to talk about getting eye rolls on the boat ramp, try rolling up in a Subaru towing a kayak -- the big-boy boat guys love that! 😄
  2. Sweet! Beautiful smallie, and I love the vintage glass/Medalist combo. Well done
  3. Same! Couldn't agree more. Cotton may be "the fabric of our lives" (as the old commercials used to sing), but it is only suitable for climate-controlled indoor leisure wear, IMO.
  4. I got one of these from Amazon for pyrography and wood carving, and found it such a game-changer that I ordered a second one for my fly tying bench. https://a.co/d/7vLUKAk
  5. The only fly that I've attempted and that I still struggle with on a regular basis is Jack Dennis's Parawulff, which has a hair wing with the bottom half of the wing being a parachute post, and the top half divided into two separate wings. I get maybe one out of every 4 I attempt to come out looking halfway right, especially if the hook is a 16 or smaller. I used to struggle mightily with the Humpy, until I finally gave up on trying to use the same bunch of hair to make both the shell back and the wings. Now I usually just tie the foam-backed version (wings tied separately) and call it a day.
  6. Long underwear has come a long way in recent years. I recently bought a set off of Amazon that is "microfleece" lined; they were very reasonably priced and are supremely comfortable. In early spring and fall, I layer those under breathable nylon fishing pants and stay warm and dry in my breathable waders all day. On the rare occasion that I venture out in actual winter temperatures, I replace the fishing pants with heavy polar fleece pants over the microfleece underwear. Proper socks are important too. I wear a super-thin polypropylene liner sock under wool or synthetic outer socks and can stay in the water a long time without getting cold feet. Wool is the only natural fiber I wear for cold weather; otherwise I stick to breathable synthetics. At all costs stay away from cotton. Just my two cents, hope it helps.
  7. Sorry about that guys - yes, this was a Facebook Marketplace listing. You would need to have a Facebook account to view it.
  8. Rio Mainstream Series Trout - WF8F - Used exactly twice. It's in like-new condition. Color is Optic Green. $20 shipped (anywhere in U.S.) SOLD
  9. https://www.facebook.com/share/p/vT6397CQP9Df1FYq/?mibextid=kL3p88
  10. Very cool pattern, thanks for sharing your process.
  11. Check out CTS glass rods out of New Zealand. I built an 8'6" 5 wt. on their "Quartz" model glass blank, and it is one of the sweetest rods I've ever fished.
  12. I buy almost all of my hooks now from wholesaleflycompany.com. Quality hooks, reasonably sharp right out of the package, and you can't beat their prices.
  13. Thanks for the hot tip DF - making my way over to LL Bean right now! EDIT - must be for in-store purchases only. I don't see either item on the "Sale" section of the website. Alas.
  14. That's a beautiful cape -- I'd pay $45 for it. Great for soft hackles, of course, but also both upright and "spent" wings on traditional dry flies.
  15. >>The other thing with so many people having eye/object fixation you are too likely to get run into on side of highway. Just ask any highway trooper how many times their cars are hit by people just staring at them.<< That's an excellent point...perhaps instead of the autopilot moving the offending vehicle to the side of the road, it could engage a "hover" function that would raise the car about 15 feet up -- that should get it out of the way of even the big semis -- and just dangle it there for the prescribed "time out" period. Actually, I like that idea better; in addition to being more safe, it makes more of a spectacle of the bad drivers. 😄
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