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  1. Mikechell sure do https://www.etsy.com/shop/sidelinghillhackle?ref=search_shop_redirect
  2. 1 hook grade 1 and 2 capes will tie down to 20 and 22 with some going smaller, grade 1 capes will have a higher concentration of feathers than a grade 2 especially in the smaller sizes. Grade 3 will tie down to 18 and have less feathers on it. I sell a lot of grade 3 capes for saltwater flys. Saddles are a little different because I grade them on feather quantity and length, and mark down if they're more of a streamer type feather or a dry fly feather. Prices are the same for capes and saddles, grade 1 is $50, grade 2 is $40 and grade 3 is $30 and those prices include shipping anywhere in the contentinal US.
  3. Hey fellas, been a few years since I've posted on here about my birds, just wanted to let you guys know some info on what's been going on. I've been working with my bloodlines for 6 years this may, over those years I've added quite a few birds from the original 8 that I had way back in the day. This year I have about 800 chicks on the ground and have added quite a few different bloodlines which most notably came from bobs hackle farm from York pa. I don't ever want to compare myself to whitings, because I'm not nor will I ever feel that I'm on any level comparable to what dr tom has done. What I do have is a decent flock of birds that tie well and have thin flexible stems with A decent barb count that's getting better each year. Hope everyone has a great day!
  4. Oops forgot to tag them, yep they're minr
  5. Well guys I'm sorry it took me so long, but the flys are in the post today. This is by far my favorite set of swap flies I've gotten yet. Thanks everyone!
  6. Sorry I haven't been active in a while guys, you know how life can be...I do have everyone's flies and hope to get them out in the mail today or tomorrow so stay tuned. This is an awesome group of flies that's for sure!!
  7. Thanks guys, I'm really enjoying working with these guys, it's fun to watch them grow, it's almost like you can see a difference in saddles every day. Chances are notenuftoys the ones on Instagram u saw were mine. I have the same name on there. Christopherk I have you signed up I'll be contacting you around mid April!
  8. So it's been a while since I've posted on ftf much. 2013 was super buisy for me with a new baby and 50 of these bad boys running around to tend to. I start skinning the end of the month, and eggs are gonna be incubating starting march for next years flock! Also I started a blog if anyone wants to check that out. It's www.sidlinghillhackle.blogspot.com Take care Evan
  9. Blane, got yours today, great stuff!!
  10. Piker got your flies, great stuff! Blane, your not late, so no worries, flies aren't due until the last day of the month
  11. I got flies from horseshoes and rock worm! Great stuff guys!!
  12. Sorry about that rock worm pm sent
  13. Flies are going to post today, sorry I couldn't get them out a few days earlier. Evan
  14. Got great sets from vicrider and fly under so far, great sets guys, this is gonna be an awesome swap
  15. Piker that sounds awesome man!
  16. Hey vicrider, that sounds awesome man, everyone's tying extra sets is going to make this a great swap. Piker, sounds good, if you need my addy pm me and I'll get it out to you.
  17. And that closes out the swap folks, this is going to be a real great set for sure. Thanks everyone for joining! Piker, yeah weighted heavy to get to the bottom is what your looking at. Evan
  18. I'm looking for 6 swappers plus myself for a Czech nymph swap. The picture is an example of a type of Czech nymph. Each tyer will tie 12 flies each so everyone will get 2 of each fly and you won't get your own fly back. Due date will be the last day of February so everyone will have plenty of time to get anything they need or anything like that. First 6 with I'm in gets it. Evan
  19. Mine came early last week, anticipating on seeing what's inside.
  20. Vicrider, that one was mine, glad you liked it, it's a wicked trout fly. Great set everyone, blane next swap I host your in the return postage is on me. Thanks for covering the 91 cents to send it back
  21. Got 28 packs of hooks yesterday with this and a box. Total bill was like 34 bucks. Can't beat that!
  22. Alright guys I'll put it in the mail again this morning with 4 more stamps on it lol, seriously though Riff it's a real pita
  23. Ok guys I'm not sure what is going on I got my package back on the 20th needing 62 cents. I put two more stamps on equaling well over that amount. Today I just got it back again saying it needed another 40 cents. It pisses me off about right that they sent it back again after it was already sent back for incorrect postage. I'm not sure what your going to want to do but if you want to finish without me I understand no problem. If you do want to wait I will send it again tomorrow. Your call blane, Many apologies Evan
  24. ive got to apologize guys, since ive been swapping ive always had to use 5 stamps for mailing inside of the country. apparently this time it was different, not sure if it was because of the sculpin helmets or what but im shy 62 cents. My package was back in the mailbox this afternoon, so ill add on the other two stamps and ship it off tomorrow if that's okay with you blane. if not, just go ahead and send the flies back and don't worry about mine. let me know . very sorry, Evan
  25. you didn't get one from me Piker? very sorry, next time were in a swap together ill be sure to send the one I missed in to the swap meister for in your box. Sorry man
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