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  1. What I'd call ugly flies are some things that I can say I KNOW a fish wouldn't eat... I've had some real dandies. Lol
  2. My thought was to several-stringed spools, such as on flosses. Perch sounds right, though, I wouldn't want to use that on anything mosquito sized.
  3. I bought a pack of each of these, both standard, and noticed the #14 hook is not only almost the same as my #12's, it's larger! Mismarked box, or...?
  4. I put my elbows on my table just like mama said not to, and set the vice to where my hands go to. It's pretty much instinctive after a while.
  5. X2 Jimr. They also make beautiful streamers.
  6. Nice flies. They're essentially fan-wings, but a bit less refined, which is good. I like the pattern.
  7. Thanks guys... I guess I'll have to get something a bit more stout here soon.
  8. My favorite material, I add it to all sorts of patterns!
  9. Make sure you use a swivel, or that'll turn your line into a bird's nest in about 2 feet of retrieve lol! But awesome idea, it looks really good.
  10. Sorry, this should be in the fly fishing section.
  11. Will this rod of mine cut it for fishing salmon when they run? Also, where can I find a rod case for it? I've looked online, at fly conventions, in shops, and nothing!
  12. We all started with that happening. Give it time, sure enough it'll come together. You just need to pinpoint what you're doing wrong... wading, holding your rod wrong, drag, tippet/leader length, fly selection... I suppose I could go on for hours lol but I dont want to sound patronizing Keep at em!
  13. Ah that's a cool story Druce I'm gonna chase them with my 6wt this year, unless I get a new rod before they start running
  14. This was originally going to be a thread about largemouth bass, but I think this'll be more interesting and fun! Post pictures, stories, etc of your largest catches made with a fly!
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