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  1. Got mine today, nice flies everyone! Cant wait to try these out on the smallies
  2. Mine are going in the mail today
  3. Got my set of flies today Awesome set of flies guys,thanks!
  4. I beleive I am going to tie a Rag Sculpin. I've been wanting to learn this pattern for a while and this is the perfect excuse
  5. I'm in, not sure what I'll tie.
  6. If there is still room I'm in, pattern tbd.
  7. Got mine, great job Will. Do have any plans in the future to do hats or window decals?
  8. I'll take two, both extra large, one sapphire and one kelly green.
  9. Great looking bunch of flies, to bad I have to wait 8 months before I'm near the salt to try them.
  10. Flies went in the mail yesterday. Never fished a spoon fly before so looking for some feedback on these.
  11. Need an address, hope to have mine in the mail by Saturday :yahoo:
  12. Would like to join this one depending on the due date?
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