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  1. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family BB! I got my flies today, great bunch of flies which will all find a home in my well stocked fly box. I can’t wait until I can get out and use them. Thanks guys for an awesome set an BB for hosting!
  2. I sent addys to you and Tony. I’ll letcha know when they get here. Thanks for joining!! Pickin
  3. 2 more sets in ColonelMel & vicrider’s very nice flies guys!! Pickin’
  4. PM sent. I also received another set from richmce. Nice ty bud! Pickin'
  5. I actually got majestyja’s flies first, just a day before but yea he is quick and the Stimi’s he sent are top notch!!
  6. I have received two sets so far majestyja’s & woodenlegs were off to a great start! Pickin
  7. Hey Flat Rock your in and I’ve added you to the list with richmce in the 6th spot. Rich said he didn’t want any flies back was just going to send some in. So the extra set now belongs to you. Glad this all worked out. Pickin
  8. My pleasure thanks for joining! I’ll letcha know when they get here.
  9. Awesome you’re in!! And with that this swap is full!!
  10. Got mine today as well. Another great swap in the books thanks gang and DarrellP for hosting!! Pickin
  11. Thanks for joining samsonboi & fishingbobnelson, I have you on the list. one more spot, any takers?
  12. I got ya in Nick. I totally understand. The old swaps that got that large we had to push the due date back to over two months and that did become problematic. having said that I'm thinking I'll be lucky to get 12 at this point. I will post an update when we start getting close to the due date, probably around like 2 weeks out. Thanks for joining glad to have you in this one.
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