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  1. Me too. I didn't bring any fishing gear on this trip. It was all about photography for this one. Funny thing is this "pond" is actually the Tuolumne river as it does a tight "S"turn after slowing from the falls 1/4 mile upstream. We happened to have found a perfect camp spot right up from that last shot, so that is where we walked down to get our water for camp. To get to the lower falls in shot #2, we had to wade a flooded section of trail. It was about thigh deep, but wonderful to wade through with flip flops until the trail rose out of the flooded area; about 1/4 mile. Next time, I'm concentrating on fishing the area.
  2. Polarizer, absolutely! First shot EXIF Canon 60D Canon 17 - 85mm f/4 - 5.6 IS USM F/11 1/160 ISO 200 17mm Hand held Second shot EXIF Canon 60D Tokina AT-X 116 Pro 11-16mm F/2.8 F/16 1/125 11 mm Hand held Both shot raw I'm cheap, so I use Rawtherapee for raw conversion O.K. Now for trouty stuff
  3. I"m fine with Stan Lowe or Uncle Ken
  4. Thanks all. That is Tuolumne Falls on the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne River. here's a shot of Waterwheel Falls about 10 miles farther down.
  5. It's hard to search for tying videos and not find Davie. I've watched his videos for a few years now and like others on here, my productivity at work has diminished and I can understand what he is saying now. I used to turn the sound off because I didn't know what he was saying anyway. Once I started watching with the sound on, I started to understand him bit by bit.
  6. Thanks Mike. That peak at the head of the pass is Mt. Russell. Just to camera right, behind the foreground Mt. and out of view is Mt. Whitney. Looking East from the interior.
  7. Terje, I have to say, you are quite an accomplished photographer. I always enjoy your shots.
  8. This is Cottonwood Lk #3. The trout superhighway is about the only thing worth missing.
  9. Thank you J-Kno, We were nailed by thunder, lightning and hail at the backpacker's campsite the evening before and the morning of the start of our hike. That morning, instead of starting out early in hail and lightning, we threw everything in my covered truck bed and hauled down the mountain for breakfast in Lone Pine, then went back up. It rained on us a bit on the way up, but only an hour or so with the rain gear on. After that, seven days of wonderful cloud formations and light shows during the golden and blue hours.
  10. Very nice Terje. It inspires me to do more blue hour exposures.
  11. Thank you, It was my first time with a barn door tracker. I need to install a small LED light to better view the clock face I drew, maybe some glow in the dark dots. Also I need to velcro an iPhone holder onto the board so I don't have to hold the phone and remote shutter release in the same hand. I used a metronome app for timing, so I just need to hear it.
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