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  1. Arizona Mega Simi-Seal --- Canadian Olive Professional work. Thanks dude Yep. I am on all prostaffs I am fairly new to the hooks honestly. I use Owner hooks for like 99% of my bass fishing with conventional gear. Tying on them is no different. They are quality hooks for sure.
  2. that's what instantly makes me stop listening. Hope you were joking. yep
  3. Some shop in Florida "Stuart Angler". It was my first and most likely my last "wholesale" order. Def not even worth it lol Thanks.
  4. Turkey day weekend ties. Pattegrisen-ish shrimp using fine black barred marabou instead of spey hackle, and craft fur as over wing. Wiggle Wiggle
  5. Still developing this pattern. I changed the hooks to new hooks from Ahrex Hooks out of Scandinavia....they are the predator series which has a heavier wire gauge then what i was using. The bend is similar to a B10s, but has a longer shank. These are #1 on the back and 2/0 on the front. This fly now includes a rattle on the front hook....i love the sound and the "shoulders" the additional bulk provides the flly. I am really really digging where this pattern is going.
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