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  1. Nice fly. Should get chomped.
  2. Those flies will be attacked by our Tigerfish in Southern Africa without a hesitation.
  3. I think those is some of the baddest tied flies I have seen in a long time. Send them to me to and I will chuck them away for you.LOL Love the color combo on them flies.
  4. Now that I like. The fly should float about a foot above the water. lol
  5. I would hold on to that Hopper. it might fly away it looks so real
  6. Nice looking fly. Can you please tell me where to get the FTD dubbing from.
  7. Nice looking flies. Love the shrimp patterns
  8. Those are some awesome shot of some very nice looking flies.
  9. That is a very nice fly which will work for other species as well.
  10. Nice looking fly. Will also work in Saltwater.
  11. Those are some pretty flies. Nice color combos
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