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  1. I have two Stonfo Elite bobbins, drag is even better than in Rite, imo. I can recommend both Stonfo is very well made and sturdy, drag adjustment is smooth without any clicks unlike Rite.
  2. Couple of new ties from mah vice..
  3. Perhaps OP ment a version for long fibre dubbing brush? If so, the basic construction is similar, but you have to have more room for spinning, i.e. the spinning must be done in air, without the supporting base.
  4. A little talk has been done in our biggest fly fishing forum, but we mainly follow our competitors ATM More or less discussion will definitely arise after the last day of tournament.
  5. We discussed about the matter here in Finland too and it really is a shame Money talks, money talks..
  6. Money talks and bullsh*t walks, has always been like that and will probably be like that until the end of times.
  7. Hope, speed and wax - those are my tools handling CDC. I never ever split the thread, always using dubbing loop and magic tool (or bulldog grip). Just rinse & repeat, success might be around the next corner!
  8. I did a search behalf a friend regarding Anvil Atlas earlier this year, and it seems that the vise manufacturing is not under the Anvil brand anymore. Vises seem to be the same, just different marketing name.
  9. Great flies guys, keep 'em coming! Two wets inspired by Davie McPhail and few Goat's Toes.
  10. I think that if you put the weight in the front part, it won't be an issue at all. Not sure though
  11. I so w8 the day they get Palmer Chenille to local web shops... I have tried many materials, but no success yet.
  12. Thanks Terje, much appreciated! I love your pictures, so many nice shots.
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