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  1. Thanks for all the help hopefully I'll be able to help y'all out
  2. Ide like to learn some crabs mostly the redfish love them but I don't see many SBS for them
  3. I'm the same way it never seams good enough to me I always think there is something I can do better I have ADHD so I can only type a few then I gotta step away cause I get bored then 10 min later I'm tyin again
  4. I'm looking for a good SBS for good snook and redfish flies I've made alot of the basic stuff like clousers schminos deer hair shrimp chernoble shrimp couple zonkers and some glass Minos I tied with mylar tubing but I'm looking for something new maybe something in the crab type or anything that works well for snook and redfish
  5. OK thanks guys and on the crabs mostly redfish and snook they live them
  6. OK thanks guys and on the crabs mostly redfish and snook they live them
  7. Tied a couple new flies tell me what you think the all brown muddler has a rattle in the body but I dont know if I care for it to umuch I like how the grey one came out was going for a finger mullet look give me some opinions and tips if you have any or any new ideas for flies idea like to learn some crab patterns
  8. I would like to learn how to tie that can ur send me a link showing how to tie that exact one looks killer
  9. I'm looking to get some help on how to tie shrimp and All styles
  10. What is the best redfish fly and how do it tie it myself
  11. Please email me at ------------------ EDITED BY ADMINS
  12. I'm in need of fly tackle if you can help with flies and a fly box I will greatly appreciate it I'm new to fly fishing and am looking for some good lures for saltwater fishing doesn't matter if it is homemade or not anything to get me started to help Reel_Nutz >=}}}
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