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  1. Hey Shoe ya that is the section that i was talking about. THose are what we call the wiers. They augement the flow of the river during the periods the dam is not releasing water. And they put a great amoun to O2 in the water. I love the river, it is a gentleman's river. Takes a real fisherman to get those PHD educated trout to rise sometimes. The cool thing is that about any given time you can take fish on a "properly fished" dry fly. From sulphers in the late spring to late summer to the BWOS all year. To midges about all year. If I could pick a time to come it would be June or July the sulphers are great then really from later april to may up until late september they hatch but june july is the prime. I love that hatch. Nice big flies, about 14-16 maybe a 18 sometimes. THere are some of my best days done this time of the year. And the air temp doesn't bother the fish, it may affect the hatch but the water is so cold the fish could care less. It comes from the bottom of the lake under about 125 feet of water. So it is freezing no wet wading even in the summer.I am going to try to attach a pic of a section of the water. THis is a typical kinda thing a ripple into a deep hole that hole is about 6-8 feet deep in the center. I love that hole MONSTER browns but Harvard PHD education again. They have seen it all. Th e pic won't attach sorry!
  2. Ya the 8ft 4wt is nice too. And you are right no more versital rod than a 5wt for 8ft to 9ft. That is the swiss army knife of fly rods. No rod collection should be without one. I have a Imperial St Croix 8ft 5/6wt use it in the MTNs some good for streamers and down to dries. It is a older rod i picked up for $35 from a guy that came in a restuarant. I used to work in in high school. The rod has a downlocking reel seat and full wells grip. Hopefully sometime I will be able to get the rod updated to uplocking seat and a nice wood insert and a cigar grip. I love the blank smooth cast.
  3. Hey how to you make a avator I tried to upload a pic it was a jpeg and it said can't upload that file. so i just pulled that one from the online menu. Sorry if I stepped on any feet or something. You are pretty vague on the post you left.
  4. Lsat night after the post i done some research. I first tested the fast and easy leader knot to the blood knot. The blood knot won 2 outta 3 times. Then I tested the perfection loop to loop method and the blood knot broke everytime. I even used the same perfection loop all three time and broke the blood knot. SO survey says the perfection loop is a strong SOB. I have used it going on 5 years when attaching tippet to orvis braided loop to loop leaders. I ahve attached 10# down to 2# tippet to these on my 4wt, 5wt, and 6wt rods almost always the knot will never break. I think it would be closer to a 100% knot than any out there. I also learned a new trick last night found it on the www it is called a off shore loop to loop. You instead of running the loops by each other once do it twice I need to test it but looks strong. Really my concern with the loops on the knotted leader would be the hinge factor. But I believe that as daryn smith said keep the loops little and that should cut down on that. Well as soon as the leader kit comes in I can do research and find out what works. The main reason I want to tie leaders is for Bass fishing to turn over big bugs. Tie short heavy butted leaders and should help turn over bigger poppers on the 6wt. I am trying to avoid buying a telephone pole like a 8wt rod to throw them on. I can cast what I want to on the 6wt but distance is a factor and not so graceful with the big stuff on it. Thanks for the comments and keep them coming!
  5. HEy where are you loccated in Tenn. Sorry if iI already asked ya there are so many people out there.
  6. Hey guys first off sorry I ask so many questions. And thanks for all the help in the past. But what I was wondering is could you make knoted leaders using a perfection loop to loop all the way up . People use it for the tippet section for ease of change but why not all the way up. It is so easy to tie and stronger than the blood or any other knot i have found. JUst wondering?!
  7. Todfather, I would love to see the jig you are talking about. It sounds lots cheaper than buying them. I bought one to try off cabelas at 11.99 that is HIGH. So making them would be cool!
  8. My oppinion would be by a 9ft if that isn't too long if so go shorter. But i personally love a 4wt they are so verstital. You can thrown small streamers on thern such as wooley buggers, and still can present a size 24 dry with ease. But that could be a biased oppinion since I own 2 4wt's a 6'6'" and a 9ft. As far as manufacturer look at temple fork rods and middle class rod starts at about $140 and is a sweet piece of rod for anybody's money! I would put it with rods costing twice that or more. Sure you can spend more but why. The rods are lifetime gar. and are really nice looking too. I am yet to buy one but they have a 9ft 6" 8wt that is on my wish list and a 8ft 2wt also. Hey wasn't I the one that said nothing under a 4wt! Hey I like toys as much as the next guy. It will be a dry fly only rod and light nymphs.THats my 2cents.
  9. The line is an Orvis Wonderline WF 4wt Floating. I have been fishing the same spot. But why leave when the fish continue to rise! THe coils are about 20-30 feet from the tip. I think it may be a core seperation issue myself. I can't explain it though. My cast shouldn't be the issue I have other lines as well as a Wonerline 6wt and they have never done this. So what is the problem? Well thanks for the help guys I take great care of the line clean it with soap and water almost every trip to the river. I really need to call orvis back. That sounds like a project for tommorow. Thanks agian guys!
  10. WHat exactly are they made out of? I have never seen one. DO they really last as long as people say? One more. How do you connect tippet? Like on braided leader loop to loop with perfection loop on the tippet. Sorry one more question. Do they cast softer than a braided leader in a dry fly application. I have seen them in cabelas but no good pic to tell anything about them. Thanks guysyou all are great! Not bad on post covered4 questions!
  11. I Bought an Orvis WOnderline and hardly ever used it then it started to twist up. I am not talking about memory coils it will spin up if you hold a loop downward. It just happens in about a 5-10 foot long section. I called Orvis they said to send it back they sent a new line to me it done the same thing. Next they replaced it now the 3rd one is doing the same. I haven't had this problem with other lines. I am getting ill about this happening and when they sent the last one they messed up and sent 2 instead one by UPS and one psot office. I told them they sent a return label for it. I believe I will call them and tell them i will sent them the twisted one and keep the new one. this is a real problem on the tailwaters where you make big casts and shooting line is a must, ever tried to shoot a loop throught the guides on a 4wt. They tried at first to blame it on my rod and reel. I was quick to inform her the rod and the reel the first line were one were Orvis products (still same rod though) the reel was replaced so wasn't it. They didn't mention it being a equipment thing anymore! If anyone out there can tell me what I doing wrong please help. These lines are doing this and are new. maybe 3 or 4 trips ont the water i just soap and water clean and don't put anything harsh on them so I am confused. THanks if anyone can help somebody out there on this site can.
  12. Orvis reels are great just stay away from the line! I have had 2 and they are twisting up on me not memory coils TWISTING. So avoind them. I also just bought a Phlueger Trion reel NICE I love it.
  13. Just one person I guess! That would be ME! I am always learining.
  14. Hey even the fish need at least one day off. HAHA
  15. Happy new years to all. I hope you all have a safe and prosperous year. And have atleast 364 good days on the waters!
  16. Hey guys you are talking my neck of the woods. I live in VA about a hour and 15 mins form South Holston Tailwaters. It can be a grear fishery. It can make you feel 10 feet tall and like a pro, or it can do you like it did me on Tuesday feel like a fool when you go to the vehicle with 1 littel rainbow to show for it. I love the river though home of huge browns and huge Bows. a 20'+ fish anyday is a posibility. I am not a guide but email me if you have any questions i can give you phone# of guides if you wish. I can bet the BWOs will be hoppin then though there is a nice hatch during Feb and march also. ANd as any other self respecting trout they love pheasant tail nymphs from 16 to how ever little you can tie them. While you are in the area try to hit some of the MTN spots very pretty MTN streams around the area also. Hoston is in the TU top 100 streams in the nation book and deserves to be. Big water, cold year round, more aquatic insects then I have ever seen and awsome cover in the stream. It is a mix of deep holes, flsts, ripples, ledges and about anything else you can name. However I will put out the warning it is a very dangerous river because it is dam controled. The TVA controls the water release schedule you can call the # to check it but the bad part is you can only get tomorow's sched. at 4pm today So no room fro future plans. 90% of the water is unwadable when TVA is generating so beware. THe # is 1 800 238 2264 when the recording picks up press 401# to get holston. They aren't really bad to change the schedule after posting it but will sometimes os alway watch the level of the river if you see a change HEAD OUT! Feel free to email me i would love to here what you guys have decided. oh ya heres a link to TVA's website you can check the generations sched. there too. http://lakeinfo.tva.gov/ Hope to hear from ya and see you down here in the Southwest VA North east TN area. It's a great place!
  17. I posted before for leader recipes and got lots of good info. I tried the knots on tippet i had and can't get one to hold they break way before the tippet rating. I haven't weighed this but I can tell. The knots are weak, this is maybe making be have a change of heart on the tying leaders thing. What can i do to make stronger knots. How about doing the leader with perfection loop all the way up or would it be bad to hinge on ya that way. I use those of put tippet on the braided leaders I use now and love it. Strong as can be and easy to tie even with cold hands. thanks in advance.
  18. skeet3t that is a quote from Tim Landis am i right or wrong? THe stand behind a tree thing.
  19. I had a pair of orvis silver labels wore them for 2 year then they started to leak around the neoprene seem to the stocking foot. i called to check on repair they said send them back i did. They sent me a new pair of the silver label II free of charge. Can't bee that!
  20. Hey who know maybe a better spawn. You can get by without the moody females that way! Just a JOKE!
  21. Oh ya sorry how rude! CONGRATS
  22. thanks guys i like that quick and easy knot tried both the blood and it both nicer but it is easier.
  23. they are so fun I love to get the calls except when i am asleep i also work midnights so i sleep from about 7am to 1pm that is prime time for those dudes. I also mess with them ask lots of questions act interested as can be. then tell them NO. Be firm and short with them they can't stand it. Just a little hobby of mine and my dads.l Flymaster
  24. Up until recently i hav ebeen satisfied with the Orvis braded leaders. But I guess it is just time for a change. I though tabout trying to tie my own what I need it recipies and what kinda knots do you use? I seen a kit in Cabelas for around $40 Maxima tippets. THat is perfect one hell of a tippet manufact. Any help would be great. Thanks.
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