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  1. I remember BC think I still have a few of your flies from my swaps.
  2. Someone tell Steve what the power button looks like!
  3. The International Reply Coupon never seems to cover postage when I send flies to Canada. Also don't send Canadian money. I've tried all the banks around my area and none will cash it unless you have 100$ worth. If it was my swap I'd take extra flies, materials, hooks, or US cash (1.50) or so for postage. It makes life easier. For a brit 5.00 or so but then that depends on the flies and weight.
  4. mcfly

    Computer Shopping

    1. What do you track on it? 2. Do you have any custom software or off the shelf software that you use? 3. If yes for #2 are there upgrades that you can purchase if you go with windows xp. If you use it for typing letters, keeping notes, logs and spreadsheets then you are pretty open to just about anything.
  5. Do you think that'll be big enough for everything you want to take with you? To be honest the few times I've take anything I've used a larger duffel bag. The other tiers that I've met up with have always had larger duffel bags as well. I think I've seen some that even hold a kitchen sink or two. Seems like a lot of $ for a small case. -just my 2 cents.
  6. If you think that is bad spend $400 on an operating system and then if you have a problem on day one pay $125 or more to get it resolved. Until consumers start making choices based on more than the lowest cost things will continue to creep in the direction they are now. As for how reliable electronics are look at some of those old transister radios that still work. It is all in how well they are engineered. To often they are engineered just well enough to get them off the shelf and keep them working for 90 days.
  7. From all the Tech New I've seen on them it will mean less crash's and loss of data. Here's hoping anyway. We will have to see. Usually it is the OS causing most of the crashing.
  8. mcfly

    Still Alive

    Will, Is this still from the first accident? Glad your doing ok.
  9. I have about 10 domains if you guys are looking for link backs
  10. Most of the search engines let you submit your site. google yahoo altavista dogpile There are a bunch.
  11. Just what I was thinking!
  12. Big fan of books... I have boxes full of many that I'll probably never get to read but I want too.
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