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  1. it was suggested i list this here; I am selling my kit vise and scissors, good for beginers of as spares. Also a brand new bobbin rest $20.00 plus shipping.
  2. that is cute, but who would make fluffing into dubbing
  3. Hi, the skin is very soft and a little reddish, it is about the size of a large rabbit, from neck to back is about 13" to legs about 17
  4. ok thanks, is it natural or dyed can you tell
  5. I bought this skin at a yard sale, but don't know what it is it is a little redder than the picture the white streaks are where hair has been removed it is well tanned. nice and soft
  6. I have never seen one but I tie an ant that is just 2 lumps of thread on a hook. don't know if it works but it looks like an ant
  7. If you don't have a problem with it don't worry, what ever works for you
  8. I heard one time that dryer sheets kept bees away, there was a nest of bees in my garage the one that make the small paper like combs, I put a box of dryer sheets in the garage no more bees. I don't think it kills them but repels them
  9. I didn't mean dis pose as in throwing away, I strip the realy bad ones But I won't use all I make thanks for the ideas
  10. Hi, I was wondering, It is not likely I will be able to do much fishing but I do like to tie flies. How can I dispose of the flies I tie. i wouldn't dare sell mine they are not good but they might catch fish. I don't know any body I can give them to thanks Mike
  11. I can feel his pain, that is where I am at. But some of you have told me that even a not good looking fly will catch fish. M flys are sturdy and look like the sample but not pretty. I could never sell them. His problem is he is comparing his flys to one tied by experts not what will work. He also mentioned taking classes then he could teach his daughter. But he gets one thing out of it, time with his daughter. If she comes to enjoy tieing flys his struggles will have produced something
  12. thanks for your suggestions I will try them. How do you use the static guard thanks Mike
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