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  1. frogeyes


    I thought it was a good way to try something new.
  2. frogeyes


    Found this video on youtube, anyone ever try it?
  3. That looks awesome, is there anything you can't do LOL.
  4. Thanks for the replies.
  5. Newbie here looking to outfit my vest and was wondering what type hemos you guys prefer to use for removing hooks, curved or straight?
  6. I had been tying with regular fishing hooks to see if tying was for me. Well now I'm hooked so to speak, so I bought me some REAL fly tying hooks. So here are the first ones from the hooks.
  7. Now thats showing respect to the fullest right there, When I get good enough for a custom rod I will be ordering from you Steeldrifter.
  8. Thats where i bouht my rod at cabelas, and the line that came withe the reels suck. Thanks Piker ill look into the cortland and the airflo.
  9. Whats a good fly line for beginners? I bought my fly rod already lined and to me the fly line feels a little rough.
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