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  1. Hey Kimba, I sent you a PM on Wednesday looking for an address to ship to. Not sure if you got it but The klinks are ready for the mail.
  2. Hatch Guide For... New England Streams, Upper Midwest Streams, Western Streams, the Lower Deschutes River, for lakes might be a good but pricey option. They're all from Frank Amato Publications. This post made me realize my $3 yard sale purchase was worth $70-$100+ while checking out if these books are readily available. Looks like they are few and far between but have the information you are looking for. If money isn't a big issue I'd buy them. Hopefully the picture attached shows up big enough to read for an example of the information given. The book covers all cycles of life and 2-3 suggested patterns for each. Caddisflies, mayflies, stoneflies, damsels, dragons, and others are all covered. Hope this helps.
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