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  1. I like a challenge so yup I've been mostly using calf tail for the hair wings & turkey flats for the parachutes. The polypropylene in my cabinet likes to poke fun, I can hear it laughing at me sometimes... +1
  2. 👍 flies and the nice speck too
  3. I've used that model # in sizes 14-18, standard beadhead nymph hook, 2xl. Does the trick.
  4. Thanks. I asked because you captured the glow of the silk on the hook in the light, really well. I've always heard that's why people like pearsall's for soft hackles (color and glow). Now I get it.
  5. Alright, back in the saddle, size 20's are working for me finally... And last of the parachutes for a while... And thank you @flytire (again) for the peacock, at first I thought they didn't have enough definition, but now I'm liking them more than the more well defined commercial quills. Here's one from behind: Here's another from behind and also from the side: Another, this time from the top: And here's one with a stripped quill, three views:
  6. Little River Outfitters in Townsend is a shop Joe @xvigauge pointed me to when I took a road trip through there last summer. It's a very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable shop. Huge, and all fly fishing. An entire floor of tying materials. Pretty impressive. I'd give them a call, if you haven't already. Their website is also useful. There's a good access point to the gsmnp at Townsend, too, which is about an hour west of Cosby, if you end up needing supplies. https://littleriveroutfitters.com/
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