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  1. Trying to see what is updated or new from the original in Hatches II (Caucci, Nastasi)... I really liked the original, so I'm wondering. Much thanks in advance
  2. Go to classicflyrodforum.com for this one -- plenty of makers and restorers active there.
  3. Nice trip there Philly, added bonus of matching & catching on the crawdad, too
  4. Great news, 9/29 is a long ways off without power
  5. Back on. Whoa, it's a wild ride. Chris, I hope you've got yours back.
  6. Yikes. Power just went out again. 😳
  7. How's that hecuba hatch working out?
  8. Man that's rough, Chris. Sorry to hear it.
  9. ice water We did have potable water, but a lot don't because the sewage pumps run on electricity and the generators the city uses are not so reliable.
  10. Power finally came back on tonight. 9 nights, 8 days, whoa. The nights were brutal.
  11. Gorgeous piece of water there, Scott. And hecubas.... Hope you have a great time with those. Size 8's?
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