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  1. I asked, but my wife said no. ("Absolutely not!" was the way she put it....) Sorry.
  2. I can't join this one but... $4.99 for 100 jig style trout fly hooks.... Model #ep9220 Deliverytime looks to be in your window. (I've not yet tried this brand) https://www.ebay.com/itm/Eupheng-100pcs-Competition-Fly-Fishing-Hook-Dry-Nymph-Shirmp-Wet-Caddis-Fly-Hook/163693845168?hash=item261ce9dab0:m:mlx3q-CC_EEv4Pg1DDre_cg $13 for 100 slotted tungsten beads ($4 for 25) +$2 shipping at wholesale fly Co.
  3. Took my better half out once, got a funny picture of her frowning while she put on the waders. I knew it was not in the cards when she caught a nice fish, and I was coaching her on bringing it in. After a pretty strong run, the trout turned. I said, "reel it in now, it's coming back at you." She thought that meant it was mad at her and was coming to bite her, and she ran out of the river.
  4. On the weirder side, just binged "Unorthodox" on Netflix. Two chugs up.
  5. Day at a time, dude, day at a time. I do think there's a fourth reality, which is not getting it and not giving it to anyone else. It may look and feel weird, but I'm wearing a mask.
  6. Yup. Definitely not for everyone. The ending didn't grab me, btw, but the rest of it did.
  7. What's the harm in wearing it? What if you have it and don't know? You (or anyone you're in contact with at the grocery store) ever had the flu?
  8. Sorry to hear, hope it's just a temporary setback
  9. Kenhook.se ($1.25/100 for dead stock Mustad, $3.60/100 for new stock Mustad), but there is limited selection and it ships from Sweden ($8). For free shipping there's Eupheng on EBay ($5.39/100). Haven't tried them yet. Tiemco knock-offs. Seems worth checking out.
  10. Dave Hughes Pocket Guide to Western Hatches and Ralph & Jill Cutter's (DVD) Bugs of the Underworld will give you what you are looking for. Hughes' book is limited to the hatches he believes are numerous enough to spur selectivity, which helps reduce the volume of info to digest. The Cutters' DVD is eye opening. Goes through the basic types of bugs trout eat, with underwater footage of each major type in each stage.
  11. Two streaming now I really liked, though definitely not for a mass audience... Katie Says Goodbye (Amazon prime) The Platform (Netflix) Oh, and Delicatessen (Netflix)
  12. Caught a bunch of trout my first trip, a few my second trip. Then it went very dark for what seemed a very long time, the better part of a year I'm sure, and several entire trips over the next several years -- including a whole week on the Upper Sac and McCloud. I discovered I'm a quick study but a slow learner. And that patience with personal failure pays off. Eventually I figured out what to do in a way that translates to new water, but I do still get skunked at times nearly 30 years later, even on familiar water. Last time that happened I blamed conditions and then learned someone upriver was catching a bunch, no problem. So I blamed my fly selection. Then the flies he was using didn't work for me either. Still, a nice day on the river. (I suppose if that part ever changes I'm done.)
  13. Oh, this must be a little what it felt like having Lou Gerhig and Babe Ruth on the same home team. Thanks for posting.
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