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  1. I didn't jump in but I'm enjoying this a lot, thanks to Byron and all the contributors. Great idea, well executed
  2. Selling yourself way short there pd, nice turkey
  3. Really nice ties there, you're on fire
  4. Chloe rocks Billy Idol https://youtu.be/DIpW5dJcp0w?si=7XbQAVxmd-Cuq6Tc
  5. chugbug27

    When ?

    Angling: Fishing:
  6. πŸ‘ I guess I'm a little slow on the uptake
  7. Nothing like fixing a toothache to give you a headache. I do have "dental" coverage, but the only in-network periodontist / endodontist / surgical office to deal with all the shenanigans is three hours away in another state. Good news was, she saved my tooth, after my local dentist had told me it would need to come out. Bad news was, on my drive home I stopped for a sandwich and chewed up the numbed cheek, real bad. ("What's that crunchy sound, this is tuna fish...") πŸ™„ Doc said I might need surgery to repair the damage I did to the saliva duct there. But it got better on its own so I dodged that bullet, too. Incidentally I googled what to do after chewing your numbed cheek out, and all I could find were videos telling parents of toddlers that toddlers sometimes will do that....
  8. Click-baited πŸ™„ a video this morning on the canopy emerger, a technique (and video) by a guy I've not heard of before, Charles Barker, which technique is basically adding some tinsel inside thin tubing to tie an emerging wing that both floats the fly and adds sparkle. Not the most graceful tyer out there or video technician, but he does that well enough, his research is superb, and he ends up with a top notch presentation. I hope he puts out a book sometime. Yada yada yada πŸ₯± Anyway, here's the video. https://youtu.be/4quvpoIFxH0?si=saRlK1qG-6tV3Tie
  9. I had a long car ride the other day and extended my sitting time to hear this one (almost) finish. It's from a series of vintage interviews (1957) with Lil Armstrong covering just about everything she experienced first hand, playing piano with, it seems, nearly everyone and everwhere. If you like traditional jazz, or even just want to hear a neat lady tell her stories of what growing up playing jazz was like 100 years ago, it's a good listen. Starts at 38:20 in on this link. http://www.wwoz.org/listen/archive/show.php?date=2023-10-25&time=9AM (The radio host, Tom Saunders, intersperses the interview with bits of related music, which you can either listen through or skip over.)
  10. You know, pd, we're very different in this particular way, but I do get what you're saying and I don't think you're wrong.
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