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  1. Looks like superb work. Getting them into fly shops is a big marketing step. Fingers crossed for you.
  2. šŸ‘ Didn't skip a beat. What was overseas?
  3. Looks good. Here's a good article on peacock herl. https://www.peninsulaflyfishers.org/page-878836
  4. Thanks @Sandan, lots of great stuff on this thread as usual, + always looking forward to the results of your weekly bugs & bourbon
  5. Pulsating Caddis Emerger - Tan (Jim Pettis, var.) I got this one from Schollmeyer & Leeson's "Emergers," a book I had not looked at for a very long time but really like. The very first fly in the book was a big success for me, so I thought I'd try the very last fly in the book. The original called for Tiemco 2312, lava brown Paxton's buggy nymph dubbing, light orange 14/0 glass beads, olive brown marabou, and pale olive Scintilla dubbing. I subbed the closest matches I had available. Best I can determine, "pulsating" refers to the effect of light on the beads and dubbing in the water. Designed for an evening caddis hatch straddling the surface -- apply floatant, but only to elk hair and mallard flank. Here's one from the top, showing how the beads look when they light up under the dubbing. And from the bottom.
  6. Try digesting it. I'm now working overtime as a gas valve operator.
  7. Great find, that. This type of tweezer can be bought cheaply all over the net as a "vascular clip". I really like the spring over the end with the ring. Haven't seen that, but @Bimini15 you could make that easy enough.
  8. Here are the pics. The first shows there is some kind of thin coating. The second shows what seems to me may be a very slight, rounded serration in the two inner surfaces. This is as close on the detail I could get with my camera.
  9. @Bimini15 1. The rubber joint gives some flex to allow for flawed twisting during your wrap to avoid snapping the material. It also stretches a little if you gently pull. 2. As toothy says, the pliers hold materials really well. I do think they have a very thin coating (?) on the interior clip surfaces, some kind of what C&F calls a "non-slip surface" (I'll post a pic), and the edges are finished round and smooth. The spring open/close also is strong and easy to operate, and as toothy shows they are bent so there's more surface area than the old style English pliers. 3. They're light enough not to harm your material but heavy enough to hold them in place by dangling. They're big enough to hold easily but small enough to not get in the way. @Poopdeck yup Before these I had been using old English style pliers but had tried only one or two other basic styles. I chanced on mine for a song, fortunately. I do think there are some other similar pliers that aren't so pricey, Tiemco I think sells one and maybe Stonfo. But I haven't tried those.
  10. šŸ‘ As for the bedroom setup... Dropped this (glass bead) And while on the floor with my flashlight found these... šŸ¤Ŗ
  11. Mine's version of that is, with a proper pout, "Does EVERYTHING have to be a dead animal?" She's a vegan... "Yes" (and thank you, plastic baggies). Lestat? Had to look that up. And now I'm gonna have to finally crack open that Anne Rice novel that's been waiting patiently on my shelf since the '90s. But first I'm gonna go tie some flies on my new situation.
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