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  1. I like the more weedlesnes of an upturned hook. I like to anchor the beadchain with a couple turns then cut the chain and finish tying/glueing the eyes on or use an old trick or tying the eyes on a small dubbing "ball" to keep the eyes from spinning on the shank. I have old, fat fingers and I hate to swear! Handling only 2 eyes helped fill the swear jar!🙄 Kim
  2. Look on the bright side - the old fishing tales will seem new again! Kim
  3. I can talk more if you would like! Kim
  4. Happy to have you "bug" me!😁 Besides, I have always had a weak spot for streamers - especially mini/micro streamers! Consider yourself in! Kim Funny, if anyone would tie this pattern, I figured that you would. BTW, when you tie on bead chain do you tie then cut the chain or do you cut the 2 eyes then tie??
  5. ANY pattern that uses ANY peacock/peahen feather/quill as part of it's materials. How's that? Kim
  6. Looks like an old set-up with a couple old fools to boot! Kim
  7. I'm a member of 3 other fly fishing/tying sites. Of the 4 total, this one has the most active swap section by far. One site (my original) is a dying site where the swaps were active and often with multiple fine hosts and now no one signs up anymore. One has not offered a swap in ~4 years now and the third hadn't had a swap in 2 years and I've run 4 successful swaps trying to revive the swaps on that site. The swaps here died because they had two problems - 1) swappers had a habit of signing up then nothing! and 2) a couple HOSTS dropped off the face of the earth with the flies & postage! One part of my success is that I have been targeting new members to the site - they don't know of the past problems. I don't see the swaps dying here because we DO have several fine hosts and dropped swappers may happen but not to a high degree here. Just keep the high standards for our hosts, keep up the control on the habitual (2 time) no shows, and keep the swaps fun and we'll be OK here. Oh, I too, give small gifts to my swappers. Kim
  8. Here's the rules for the swap - any fly pattern that uses feathers/quills from either a breed of partidge, pheasant or quail is welcome - either wet or dry patterns. Sign-up is limited to the first 12 registarants and ALL LEVEL tyers are most welcome to join. If you are a new to tying flies and/or this is your first swap please PM me and let me know - I am most happy to address any of your questions/concerns so you can decide if a fly swap is something you'd like to try out. I am retired and check the site at least once daily, so you should get a response from me within 24 hours in most cases Registration will run until 10/1/2021 and flies are due to me by 12/6/2021 (due to Thanksgiving BUT don't wait 'till the last minute!🙄). As always please include toe tags on your flies that include at least your screen handle and the name of your pattern, your swap box (with your screen handle), and a SASE. Please include the name of your pattern choice when you register (or as soon as possible afterwards). I (the Swapmeister) reserve the right to deny a pattern if at's already been taken by someone else. If, for any reason, there are less than 6 people registered by 10/1 a descion will be made at that time to extend the registration date or cancel the swap. As always please keep in touch with me if there are any questions/concerns/unanticipated challenges. As usual, with all my swaps, a fly tying gift or two is included for each swapper. And, please have FUN! Kim 1 - Woodenlegs 2 - vicrider 3 - niveker - Red Clock 4 - DarrellP - Soft Hackle PT 5 - John1986 6 - danthebugman - The Bug 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 -
  9. I can't comment on the peeling issue BUT the cloudy white is quite probably the super glue. I've tied Clouser's and applied super glue to hold the barbell eyes in place and fond the same issue. Kim
  10. I've tied them with black, tan as well as the yellow bodies. Last March I included them in a Ladies Night fly swap - fly patterns developed by women tyers. I just LOVE 2X2 patterns! Kim
  11. Has anyone NOT gotten their swap flies yet? Just checking on our good ole USPS!🙄 Kim
  12. Those and streamers and I'm all set! Kim
  13. Glad to hear you got your power back! Kim
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