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  1. Your TOO kind! A new pattern I'm working on and I have to get the bugs out!
  2. Flies went out on Monday the 18th, returned for additional postage due on Tuesday! The funny thing is that I had the postal clerk weigh the item and sell me the ORIGINAL postage before I mailed! The PO answer guy said that maybe the clerk didn't understand what I was doing/saying. The flies will now go out in Wednesday's (5/20) mail. If things proceed as they have you should get them in time for Christmas! Thanks again for hosting the swap. BTW - additional postage for my return envelope sent in a different cover.
  3. I went to tie the flies and found to my chagrin that of the thousands of hooks I had I had no 1 XL dry fly hooks! Just got them in today's mail. The Jiminey's will be in the mail the 18th. Thanks for your patience!

    ---Please note: This message was originally posted May 30th to Steeldrifter  but had not received a response.---

    I just joined your site.  I am coming over from being a 10+ year member of the FAOL (FLYANGLERSONLINE.COM) site.  I did participate as well as host on a few swaps over there over the years and would like to do the same here.  I did read that a member must participate in at least 3 swaps on this site before they may host one.  If you simply search the site under my screen name of WWKimba or my name Kim Bowman you'll see my contributions to that site and, yes, I am still a Senior Member in good standing and if you follow the forum threads you'll see that the swaps I hosted and participated in were well received.  Also, this site has a "Reputation" numerical assignment (Under "W" page 11 of the "Members" section) and you'll see mine is quite respectable.

    I am asking if there is a waver available due to a person's history on other sites?  If not I am happy to abide by your rules, in fact I do agree with the spirit of them.  Let me know.

    If this helps any a couple of swaps I'd like to offer will be a "Wee Irish Dance Swap" - a micro jig swap and repeat a multiple month swap I ran about 9 years ago on FAOL a ROYGBV Swap - a different color fly each month, think rainbow.  Also, I love working with youth and newer tiers and am working on a set of multiple month swaps open to all but aimed to support a newer tier.  First 4 months would cover Dubbing Patterns, Chenille Patterns, Bucktail Patterns and Deer/Elk Body Hair patterns.  And if more topics are added  they would be on a 3-4 month swap offering as well - it's a challenge for many experienced tiers to try and commit to a FOTM type swap over a longer period I've found.  The thought is to 1) help them possibly slowly increase their store of tying materials, have some patterns that they can tie with these new materials and have the more experienced participants give hints/tips on their particular pattern.  In a nutshell give them a chance to mentor.  I usually like to run multiple month swaps from October to March.

    Hope this helps and thanks for your consideration.


  5. I'm tying some Jiminey's but I need you to PM me your address so I know where to send them. Thanks.
  6. My Frontier's Edge flies are in the mail with the deer hair strike indicators as of this afternoon.  Thanks again for including me.


  7. Could you PM me the address for the Terrestrial Swap -Thanks!


  8. I always taught my students that the only dumb question was the unasked one, with that said.

    I'm assuming that Pick, you are also a tier in this swap as well.  Let me know if I'm wrong.  (And yes I know the story behind assuming!  I was born MANY yesterdays ago!).


  9. Poopdeck, part of my background is as a first aid/CPR instructor for the American Red Cross (was the professional in overseeing over 500 instructors in a larger chapter for 10 years). I do agree that teaching a skill is better when shown than when read, but I've also found that different people learn through different means. There are some that seem to get and retain the information through a book, some through some AV method and some by actually being there to see the skill performed. Oh, and by the way, I wrote a book on first aid/CPR as well. No attack on your viewpoint - just me bragging! :)
  10. I may have missed but I'll do a cricket pattern.


  11. Appreciate the view Poopdeck.
  12. I've seen similar downsides as well. I also don't tie stingers for your reasons plus I'm old and lazy! The comment was to quiet anyone who would worry about such matters. Thanks for your comments tidewater.
  13. mikescell, This IS the beginner's section! You see your the one that would write the first tying description (well, so would I normally!). I've seen some of your work and comments on this site - this is an elementary level article - you are Masters college level! Thanks for the comment it's nice to know that someone listens when I write, now if I can only get that to carry over to when I speaking!
  14. I bow and give homage to the better and well read man in the second row! :) And, yes, this was started by a newer tier looking for a book suggestion for newer tiers.
  15. I saw the Schoolie - love the thinking that went into that fly! What I mentioned above is either tying this size or that size pattern using the same hook. (ie. tying a size 8 streamer or a size 6 streamer using the one size of hook).
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