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  1. Hoping the pony's fed - jigs in the mail tomorrow. Kim
  2. That reminds me when I had to take a few years off from tying due to my health - when I came back I wasn't rusty, I was down right corroded! Kim
  3. All flies are in. I will get hem out no later than Tuesday and send those who can get PM's their tracking numbers. Another great swap, thanks everyone! Kim
  4. That thing would kill in South America where the ants STING! Nice tie!! Kim
  5. Thanks for the heads up - gotta try after ice out! Kim
  6. Since i was thinking of offering a Wee Irish Dance Swap myself I guess I should join yours! Kim
  7. Only one more set of flies to go and they are with the pony express. I'll turn them around once the last set comes in. This is looking, AGAIN!, like a very nice swap! Great job everyone. Kim
  8. One question.  Why is the Hatches Magazine forum still listed?  None of the links (that I've tried) work - all 404 errors.  I know that there's a head listing saying that is is no longer up so why not just discard it.

    Just the musings of an old man!


  9. psycho, this pattern would work in SEVERAL different themed swaps - as it will here. Tie it black/brown (for a cricket) or tan/yellow/olive for a hopper. I look forward to seeing you choice! Kim
  10. I'm looking forward to seeing these things fly north! Nice looking ties! Kim
  11. From one swapmeister to another you had some fine looking flies in that swap! Thank god I found my microscope! Kim
  12. Some bird skins may have more oil in the skin than others. I do nothing more special than keep all my pelts in their zip lock bags. There may be a slight rancid odor when I open the bag but it doesn't affect the feathers or the flies any. And I am talking about purchased pelts. Kim
  13. And I suppose Mark came in second!? Kim
  14. Nice ties. They say it's like falling off a bike! Kim
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