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  1. TO ALL IN THIS SWAP - We are again a 2 tier swap - giving a total of TWO groups (tiers) of swappers. You still need to tie no more than 10 flies for the swap - each tier will swap with-in it's own group of swappers. If I put you in a group/tier and you feel better suited to the other tier please just let me know and I can switch you. I know some may just be newer to tying so the Beginner tier is a better fit. I also recognize that you may be an Intermediate tyer BUT in THIS style of fly you may not be as comfortable and would like to sign-up in Tier #1. Again I'm happy to make the move. Just PM me to let me know. Kim
  2. jv and gpn you are both in the swap. I have split this swap into 2 tiers of swappers - each group swapping only with-in it's group (i.e. - you still have NO MORE than a 10 fly commitment to the swap. jv - I put you down for the Partridge and Peacock - feel free to let me know if you wish to switch patterns - this is a swap sign-up NOT a contract! Kim
  3. I'd fish it! It would be nice to see some fish have to loosen THEIR belts for a change! Kim
  4. May we all, with our families and loved ones, have a Happy Thanksgiving and holidays. And may 2021 be memorable for the good things it brings us all! Tight lines my friends. Kim
  5. Shmang, you are in my friend. Let me know your choice of pattern when you can. Kim
  6. And I was probably thrown out just before you! You are in my friend! Kim
  7. DarrylP, I have received your royal princes in my mail today - nice looking flies! A nice addition to this swap! Kim
  8. John and niveker are both in! Looking forward to see your ties! Kim
  9. Norm, Are my eyes getting old or are the fox squirrels in your area getting a little gray? Kim
  10. Check out the FLY SWAPS section of the forum - next section down on the main page for the second instalment of this swap series. This time we are covering WET FLIES/SOFT HACKLES. This series of swaps are designed for those who are new tyers/new to swaps. Participants will also receive a gift of fly tying material for participating. Look forward to working with you!
  11. A couple of people from Swap 1 and/or Swap 2 in this series wanted to be in this swap BUT I think the paper I had your names MAY have gone out in this weeks garbage! Please remind me - my furnace hasn't been working the last 3 weeks and I think my brain has frozen! Kim
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