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  1. thanks for the input. i know that they stock shad in the schuykill as far upstream as schuykill county and berks county (near reading). i've heard though that the shad only make it to about fairmont as the fish ladder isn't working properly. was never sure though if anyone ever fished the lower end of the schuykill. as for big browns - more info. i haven't heard this before.
  2. Frank, I notice you are from PA. Do you ever fish for Shad in the schuykill? Just wondering if there are any there worth chasing?
  3. jlsmithii

    I am so screwed

    i've had two near misses of my own: 1) on my honeymoon of all places, fishing on a boat off of belize. my hand got wet and the ring fell off. didn't know if it fell overboard or was rolling around the boat somewhere. i couldn't find it until we reached the dock. all the way thinking "my wife will never let me fish again." 2) very similar to your experience. was doing yard work when i noticed my ring was no longer on. luckily, knew the area where i was working. actually found the ring buried under a plant i had planted. don't give up hope. it might turn up.
  4. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by jlsmithii: enrico spawning shrimp
  5. alright then, ben and ava thanks
  6. echo what's already been said. pack the hair, pack the hair it will be easier to pack if you use smaller clumps of deer hair then practice, practice, practice
  7. so, i'd like to enter my two kids. how do i go about doing that?
  8. after all of those pics, i have some serious brown trout envy.
  9. :bugeyes: :bugeyes: :bugeyes: :bugeyes: that is one fine looking fly
  10. couple of tricks first, when tying blood knots (or whatever you use to tie tippet to leader), leave the leader tag long and tie a simple overhand knot at the end. attach split shot to the uncut tag end. other option, place a overhand knot in the leader right below the split shot. either way, the split shot does not slide down the line and stays put where you want it. good luck
  11. great price for a great vise. this vise should last you a life time
  12. very nice. hackle compliments the body well
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