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  1. My flies arrived also. Nice set of caddis flies everyone. Thanks for hosting another great swap Bob.
  2. Looks like 1 spot left. My lucky day. I'll fill it out.
  3. Received my flies yesterday. Nice work everyone! Thanks for another great swap fishingbobnelson!
  4. My flies, Palomino caddis variant, are going out today.
  5. I've been using the Fishpond Thunderhead sling, similar design and water proof (I like to take my dslr), for about 8 months. I've been pleased with it although it doesn't have all the compartments the Summit offers (I knew this prior to purchasing and valued waterproof over organization). I store my net in the built in sleeve. I rotate the pack under my left armpit when needing to gain access. If the stars align and my coordination is on point I'm able to slot the net back into its sleeve easily after netting a fish, more often than not I opt to rotate the pack to the front (under my armpit) and reinsert the net from there. I found myself getting frustrated when I missed the sleeve multiple times and realized if I just rotated the pack it would be in and I'd be back to fishing.
  6. I concur with EuroOrBust, I can't say enough good things about my Syndicate FF 11' 3wt. It's been an excellent rod. After testing mine, I have a couple friends that also purchased Syndicates. They are also very happy. I like the length of the 11' and the fighting butt of the 3wt.
  7. Flies arrived yesterday. Nice set of nymphs. Thanks for letting me jump in last minute.
  8. Psycho Prince Hook: Allen J100BL, Size 14 Bead: Rip Lips tungsten slotted disco, gold (slot is a little large, but allows .015 lead wraps to be pushed inside) Weight: .015 lead wire, 12-14 turns (I want it to sink fast) Thread: Black 8/0 Tail: Hareline stripped goose biots, brown Body: 75% Purple dubbing (no longer have the label) mixed with 25% Hareline icedub uv brown Rib: Ultra Wire, hot yellow size small Wing: Hareline stripped goose biots, fl. orange Thorax: Wapsi sow-scud, amber
  9. I received a great set of flies yesterday, Caddis for any occasion. Thank you for the holiday extra Bob and another excellent Caddis swap.
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