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  1. I had the privilege of taking a Catskill style tying class from Dave at the NW Fly Tying Expo in Oregon a couple of years ago. We were also in the same hotel and he would be there in the mornings telling stories over breakfast. He was one of the nicest men I ever met. RIP Dave
  2. It costs over $50.00 for a California Resident License plus more for a Steelhead Tag and another Fifteen bucks for a second rod stamp. How much does it cost where you live?
  3. Brown Bivisibles + Extras for SM in the mail as soon as I get postage in the mail from USPS.
  4. Steve, (stabgnid) Here are a couple of what I tied for my grandnephew.
  5. I'm in, been tying some Steelhead flies for family in Oregon and Washington. Will tie my home water's Rogue River Special. This was originally tied on a double hook, but will tie on single hooks for the swap.
  6. I'm in with Nelson Ishiyma's Nelson's Caddis
  7. I got the boxes with the swap flies, Thanks. I thought I posted on the thread, sorry if I did not. This is the return envelope from the first swap.
  8. Guess what showed up in my mailbox today? Answer: An empty return padded envelope with nothing inside.
  9. Got mine last night, both sets are a great addition to my fly boxes. BB, thanks for hosting. Looking forward to seeing the dry fly box.
  10. I believe you cannot have too many buggers in your fly box, and these are some great ones. Thanks to everyone and especially Vincente for hosting.
  11. BB, since the mail seems to be working again, I am in. I took a class two years ago on Catskill Drys so this will be fun. Pattern TBD. Al and Gretchen Beatty told me to; first look for tails that do not have a lot of curl. Then wash the tail in mild soap (Johnson's baby shampoo) and thoroughly rinse and dry. Be aware that some of the dye will wash out, so do not over wash. Before putting in the stacker, pull out the longer hairs from the tip and the shorter hairs from the butt.
  12. I have been doing this for over 10 years and this is only the second set that has got lost. A friend of mine at the post office said that the size envelope could drop between mail cases and get buried forever. Still hoping they will show up and you all will get two.
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