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  1. Got my set today, everything smaller than a size 18 will have have to go to my grandson who can see to thread the eye!
  2. Mikemac1, your damsels arrived yesterday. I know a Sierra lake where these should be killers.
  3. Actually they arrived Saturday. Did you know Sacramento was the terminus of the Pony Express.
  4. Woodenlegs litttle green nymphs are the first to arrive.
  5. Due to popular demand the Opening Day Swap is back. Opening day of trout season, in many parts of the West, is the last Saturday in April. This year it is April 24. Tie 12 of any trout fly, any size, any style. Usual rules apply, stamped self addressed envelope or funds to cover postage, toe tags, mail before due date. Open to first 12 with, "I'm in". International swappers welcome with PayPal. Due date April 5th That way I can get them back to you for your own opener. Over the years we have had a selection to fit just about any fly fishing situation. 1 DarrellP 2 atxdiscgolfer 3 vicrider 4 Woodenlegs - Received 5 flytire 6 Noahguide 7 Mikemac1 - Received 8 cphubert 9 Johnw1986 10 Stabgnid 11 WWKimba - Received 12 Bruce Derington SM - Fishin' Bob SWAP IS FULL
  6. Been under the weather this week. I got to PO yesterday and mailed flies, due Tuesday
  7. These are going in the mail tomorrow. Bob's Two Pheasant Brown
  8. Tying some 18 Griffiths Gnats. Had so much fun tying those, I tied a dozen Black Gnats to go with them. Tied some extras for the Swapmeister too.
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