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  1. Now I'm just waiting for a Mosquito Eater hatch on a pond near me.
  2. Karate Kid Swap Crane Flies, we call them Mosquito Hawks out here in Cali.
  3. No police on this web site. Wish you had joined as we had two no shows at the end. I would fish your caddis no matter what hair you used. There is still space in the Mosquito Hawk swap.
  4. A bunch of caddis flies are in the mail. You all got several extras so enjoy. I have tracking numbers if you need them. Tight Lines, Bob
  5. OK guys, I am sorting flies this morning to take to the Post Office tomorrow. We had one drop out and one no show, so everyone will get extra flies. Pretty sure this is my last swap. I really loved this Forum when I joined 10 years ago, there were new swaps almost every day. Swaps filled in a matter of hours, not days. In many cases I was able to return flies early as all the sets were in before the due date. Waiting for flies, having to PM people to remind them of the due date, it's just not fun anymore. I am thankful for all the real and virtual friends I have made here. I wish you all days of great fishing and tying, Tight Lines, Bob
  6. Johnw's flies arrived yesterday, just got around to posting this morning. Going to love to get these Peeking Caddis wet.
  7. So we have one drop out, one mailed today and one lost in the mail. I will keep you posted, I will sort the ones I have and wait and see what arrives.
  8. Got mine yesterday, man there are some really nice flies in here!! Thanks Darrell for hosting and thanks to all the tyers for their work.
  9. Got Darrell P's X Caddis and atxdiscgolfer's Cased Caddis today, great looking flies. We have three no shows, I have sent them a PM asking what is the status of their flies. I will make a decision after I hear back from them about what to do. This is why we don't have the number of swaps we used to have on the Forum. Pisses me off that you can't tie 12 flies in 6 weeks and get them in the mail. Thus endeth the rant for today!
  10. Psychoprince's graphic caddis have arrived, nice flies and thanks for the extras.
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