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  1. Thanks to all the tyers for a great set of flies, looking forward to getting them wet.🎣😎
  2. I am very sorry for the delay in getting the swap in the mail. I have been dealing with the return of my wife's Lymphoma. She was admitted to the hospital this morning for her Chemo. Anyway thanks for a great swap I hope you have an amazing season on the water. Tight Lines, Bob Tracking info by PM
  3. Picked up jburge's Adams emergers at lunch today. I have all the flies and will sort and mail them as soon as I can. Wife has surgery tomorrow, so it will be a day or two before I get to the PO. Tight Lines and thanks to everyone who joined the swap. This is a great looking set of flies.
  4. Psychoprince and Niveker's flies arrived Friday. I am picking up jburge's flies Monday and will do my best to get them in the mail as soon as possible.
  5. I screwed up, I don't know where I got Monday April 3. Should have been Monday April 8th. I cut and pasted from last years and forgot to change the date.
  6. cphubert's dandy streamers have arrived. 9 days left till the due date
  7. cphubert's dandy streamers have arrived. 10 days left till the due date
  8. Now you are just showing off! 😁🤣 Really some beautiful flies, great job.
  9. I'll take the Zug Bug. The Zug Bug was the first fly I tied for my first swap on the Forum. I don't think I have tied more that a half dozen since. Hope these are better than the first ones.
  10. I will wait to hear if his family will finish or just return flies to tyers. Mine were going out today, but I will hold on to them for now. Tight Lines forever Kim
  11. Got a bunch of flies from flytire today, can't wait to get these wet.
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