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  1. My 75 year old brain had a fart, and I thought the 28th was next week. Any way gift is on it's way, PO says Monday or Tuesday. Sorry, Sorry, Sorry! 😴😩
  2. Two nice sets of Caddis Nymphs in my mail box today. Vicrider and John 1986 sent some great looking flies.
  3. Very nice set of flies in my mailbox this afternoon. Great job everyone and thanks Joe for hosting. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  4. Vicrider, I know what you mean, I love LaFontaine's flies, but have a terrible time trying to tie them. I can never get them to look like the photos. I am sure the flies you send will catch fish. Thanks for joining.
  5. Tried to send you a PM with address, your mailbox must be full. Address is: Bob Nelson 4233 Hedge Ave. Sacramento, CA 95826-6517
  6. You can also donate to the Casting for Recovery Regional Military Women’s retreat in Western PA. Not sure about a 2021 retreat yet. PM me for more information.
  7. Sets of three Christmas Caddis from Jacktjl arrived today! Thanks for the extras Tim.
  8. WWKimba's flies arrived yesterday. great looking emergers.
  9. Picked up two sets of flies this morning Woodenlegs Caddis Nymphs and MikeMac's Caddis Emergers. Great looking flies guys, thanks for joining. You put a smile on Santa's face! πŸŽ…
  10. Yes, same address. Don't plan on moving until they take me out, feet first.
  11. Well, that only took 3 hours to fill. Thanks everyone. For those who are new to this; make sure your return envelope is large enough to hold a little something extra from Santa. πŸŽ…πŸŒ²πŸŽ
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