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  1. So what's the plan? How many do we tie? Do we wait to see if any more join?
  2. Sorry, I forgot to post that mine arrived early this week. Thanks to Kim for hosting another great swap and to all the tyers for some killer buggers.🎣😎
  3. I think a better question would be, "Who is your favorite tyer?" For the record mine is Polly Rosborough.
  4. Olive Trout Buggers went in the mail yesterday.
  5. I want to thank all of you for the kind words and prayers on the passing of my brother, Dick Nelson. Your words provided me with a great deal of comfort. Tight Lines to all, Bob
  6. This week I lost the best fly fisherman I knew, my brother, Dick Nelson. Dick bought me my first fly rod and reel back in the 50's. He taught me so much about camping and fishing in the Oregon Cascades and mostly on our Home Water, the South Fork of the Rogue. My brother and I shared the same birthday, he was 19 years older than me and lived to be 97. I hope there is a fly stream in the beyond and that he and our other brother are fishing together again.
  7. Flies went out yesterday afternoon. My son took them to the PO for me. I have tracking numbers if you need it, send me a PM. Thanks for your patience.
  8. OK guys, perhaps you have heard of RSV, well it has kicked my ass!! I have been down, and I mean down for about a two weeks. I am finally getting around to sorting tonight and I am going to have my son take the packages to the Post Office tomorrow. Thanks for your understanding. If you are over 65 make sure and go get the RSV vaccine you don't want this crap. Tight Lines and Merry Christmas,🎅🌲 Fishing Bob
  9. Sorry about the lateness of this post, CP's woven nymphs arrived Friday. I have been sick for about a week and will sort the flies and get them in the mail Monday.
  10. Bryon Anderson's streaking caddis have arrived. I will go ahead and start sorting now and just add the other two sets when they arrive.
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