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  1. OK Gang, Nick, AKA Vicrider, went ahead and sent his flies and they look great. Wally Wing Spinners so everyone is getting an extra fly. He didn't want any back, but if you want to tie an extra, I have his address.
  2. Nice box of flies from flytire arrived today, thanks for the extras
  3. mikemac1's BWO's arrived yesterday, great looking flies.
  4. Need you to PM your mailing address for my Fall Mayflies.  Thanks for hosting.


  5. Finally got to the mailbox today. Got my flies, Thanks to all the tyers and to BB for hosting.
  6. Please PM me if anyone drops and gives their spot to someone else.
  7. And with troutguy we are a swap. Thanks to everyone for signing up, looking forward to seeing the Mayfly hatch in my mailbox. Tight Lines, Fishing Bob
  8. Two spots to go, You don't want to miss out on this one.
  9. Only 4 spots left, we are waiting just for you to join.
  10. Over half way to a full swap. Ready for the next tyer.
  11. Mr. Flanagan is number five. PM your friends and have them join the fun.
  12. Drakes, Cahills and Trico patterns are some of the Fall hatches around the country. This is a Mayfly only swap. Any Mayfly that you like to tie, any style, any size, any stage. First 12 with "I'm in" . Usual swap rules, toe tags, return postage, SASE, International welcome with PayPal. PM for address. Due Date Monday, September 14, 2020 1. flytire - AP Green Drake Nymph - Received 2. jburge 3 .Breambuster - Green Drake Hairwing 4. Woodenlegs 5. dflanagan 6. Johnw1986 7. WWKimba - Light Cahill Wet 8. atxdiscgolfer 9. Bryon Anderson 10. Old Hat - Wingless Cahill 11. mikemac1 - Blue Wing Olive - Received 12. troutguy SM - Fishingbobnelson - Watery Evening Dun - SWAP IS FULL
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