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  1. Thx.. any day above ground is a good day is my new motto 😉
  2. Has anybody ever had a game warden stop and check their flies for illegal feathers? I bet not. i’ve been at this for 50 years I’ve never had a game warden look at my flies and I’ve talked to lots of game wardens. Ive used lots of illegal feathers they were found on the ground or road kills... Like Mike said just don’t go advertising it,bragging about it or posting it on the Internet.
  3. Divers and poppers are fun but usually not as productive as a baitfish pattern. i like big muddler variants like this.
  4. His online persona makes me picture in my mind.... The grouchy old man on the block that yells at all the kids...”Get off my lawn!” 😉
  5. A bunch of good answers given. i’ve been tying for about 50 years been doing poppers for about 30... Not that that means anything in this day and age with the Internet and YouTube anybody could be an expert in a week. if you’re using the soft squishy type foam I always hit it with some 600 grit to get rid of the fuzzies. Then I use liquid fusion as a base. Then paint my body with paint, cheap acrylics from Michael’s or hobby lobby. Then another base coat of liquid fusion thinned with water, this is to help getting that nice smooth body and protect your underlying paint when you make mistakes at the next steps(you will)so you can just wipe the paint off without smearing the coat underneath...Every time you put a new color on such as making dots or eyes put a coat of liquid fusion over it and if you mess up you can wipe that off immediately without disturbing the other colors. in my personal experience all epoxies eventually end up cracking if your poppers last along time. Liquid fusion will not give you that super high shine glassy look like Epoxy does But it seems to last longer than Epoxy does to me without all the hassle and mess. If you want to use epoxy go to Michael’s or hobby lobby you’ll find 30 min - 2hr epoxy there. or go online to BSI(Bob Smith industries) They make the best CA glues and Epoxy there is. They make epoxy just for foam that stays flexible....I haven’t personally used that epoxy though. Come back and show us how you did plenty of YouTube videos on it and the Stippled Popper has some really good tutorials and information how to do it right.
  6. yes it’s Whiting I was going off memory I got to quit doing that. thx for the input
  7. Yeah I’m looking for high-quality stuff dyed over grizzly no Chinese capes anything like that I want Metz American rooster Capes thx
  8. Do you know what’s amazing about this video is that this guy doesn’t have a crowd around him and most people walking by don’t even turn their head and look at him. If I saw this guy on the street I would stop and listen to some of his songs and drop some money in his guitar case. Maybe not the best cover of this song but the guy is definitely talented.
  9. Besides The Feather Emporium...😉 I recently moved from Texas to California due to health reasons and all my tying materials are back in Texas and I’m not gonna see them anytime soon. I need capes for tailing deer hair bass bugs and I think the American rooster cape is my best bet. Where is the cheapest most reliable place to buy these or is the price set? Thx.
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