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  1. Silvercreek, No I tied from home and mailed in. I tied Hornbergs and Marabou streamers. I bet one of those ladies though is the mom of a good friend of mine. I never personally met her but she tied for Dan Bailey for years
  2. I tied for them back when I was a teenager for three years.
  3. The trick to that fly I posted is how you trim the deer hair head. Most of the time I shave it flat on both sides and then round the top and the bottom and you get a jerk bait type Zara spook action out of it...Especially if you put 2 to 3 wraps a.020 lead at the rear of the hook. That one posted I call a blockhead it’s a squarehead And then you can trim it like a bullet shaped round Muddler Minnow. I’m telling you they work if I was told I can only have one fly for the rest of my life to fish with this would be it.
  4. This is my own deal been tying it for over 30 years, A variation on a lot of other flies tied nowadays. Depending on what size and what color you tie it in and how you weight it catches everything that swims. I tie this from a size 10 for Crappie & Bream panfish etc. to 5/0 for inland salt water and freshwater Stripers. I wouldn’t know how to fish without this pattern.
  5. Mmmm....I didn’t read all the replies but I flew though it real quick and didn’t see this mentioned. I use a second vise when I’m tying flies like a dragonfly or damselfly or streamer when I use mono off the back of the fly to tie the materials onto and hold The mono banjo string tight. Basically for extended body flies
  6. Some good subsurface streamers(big ass marabou Muddler Minnows) reverse tie or hollow tie bluegill patterns. and yeah some frogs
  7. I got a bunch of beer connoisseur friends and I’m sorry but I don’t like any of these new craft beers they have came out with Or any dark beers. I’ve been drinking Bud Ice since it came out... No other Budweiser just Bud Ice.... It’s about the only beer I will drink if I can’t find that I’ll drink a Blue Moon. if you’ve never tried a Blue Moon with an orange slice it’s worth a shot it’s really good.
  8. Go to gun broker and search for old Sears models... I can’t remember the models or who made them for them but they were actually excellent guns. Exactly what you’re talking about JCPenney also.
  9. I use an iPhone 7 and Safari. Ever since the upgrade When I click on a thread Im watching that say is 10 pages long It always takes me to the first page every time it used to take me to the last page I read. No page 1,2,3,4 etc option The only choice I have is first next and last.
  10. That’s pretty cool looking Kimo 👍
  11. I joined the Long Beach flycasting club about 8-9 years old I’m 61 now. I bought one of his whip finishers the day I joined the club for for I don’t know what a couple dollars. never could get used to it I gave it away. Still use my fingers to this day
  12. Jaydub that last one is nice...Well they’re all nice but I really like the last one
  13. WoW check that out Mike caught a fish big enough to use for bait in Texas. 😉
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