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  1. Haven't fished much this year, but last weekend i was able to get out, and it bought me a new PB seatrout from my local fjord. 27" and 7lb 2oz. Taken on an old classic Danish pattern called Grå Frede, wich happens to be one of my favorites
  2. Nice the name just means Partridge in Danish. Sorry to spoil your illusions
  3. Yeah the fish won't be able to overlook this one
  4. Thanks. The hook used is a Gamakatsu F314 #2. I dont like the looooong hooks normaly used
  5. I believe it is also sometimes called a False Hackle
  6. Bimini that's kind of the way i'm leaning too. Cheaper feathers, a little more bulk which i like and i think it's more appealing to the eye, even though it doesn't mean anything To get the best from the top pattern, you need good quality feathers. The saddles i used is from Whiting. The bottom pattern can be tied with cheaper feathers, and they still fish very well. The olive neck is a Feathermaster which i believe i also produced by whiting, and the grizzly is an A. Jensen but i don't know who produced it. I've tied the bottom pattern with cheap chinese necks also, and it is probably the fly i have caught most fish on.
  7. Getting ready for springtime Two kind of sandeel. Can't really decide which type i like best
  8. Not any specific pattern. Just wanted to experiment a little. I think i will give the markers a go. Seems like the easy way. Thanks for all the suggestions guys
  9. Thanks for all the input guys. Definitely something to work with. Mike. Maybe i have used the wrong term. English isn't my first language. I want to be able to still see through the resin after colouring. Similar to the resin in this picture http://www.orvis.com/orvis_assets/prodimg/1X1XSF10.jpg
  10. I have looked at the nail polish and paint from Loon, but it's not as translucent as i would like. Will look further at the resins flytire posted a link to. Thanks for the help guys
  11. Do anyone of you have any experience with applying colour pigment to your uv cure resins. I'm looking for a colouring agent, that will give me a translusent colour, resembling coloured glass. I'm using Bug Bond and Loon uv resins. Any help will be appreciated
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