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  1. Has anybody used one of these for carp? I was thinking about tying some, but they appeared to me that they would float. I mean, I can't see any bulk on the shank that wrapping lead would have caused. From my experience... corn sinks, so I'm trying to see how this would work. I guess carp would probably hit it regardless...
  2. Okay, so I looked closely at the pictures, and I think I could really use this! Those "waste catchers" an I have never gotten along, with them always falling off and such. I really could, and will use this. I would make my own (it seems like I could make one without too much work), but if you do make them, I'll buy one. I would pay in the $8-12 range, but if the price is too high, I'd feel better off making my own. A question for you - What do you think you'll try to sell them for? And as troutguy said, I'd try to cut them more smoothly. And don't bother trying to patent a piece of plastic. You're better off giving it a name and trying to get a few of your local fly shops to carry them.
  3. http://www.orvis.com/p/hy-flote-shake-n-flote-renew/9x6x04 Heres the "real" stuff. But Doing what either of the previous two posts suggest work well and is basically free.
  4. When submitting a fly, did you only submit to Rainy's? I'm just wondering if you could submit to Umpqua, Orvis, Rainy's, and whatever other ones are out there, to maximize your chances and ultimately, the number that sells.
  5. I'll be at the fly fishing show... in Marlborough MA
  6. Any "sneak peaks" on the show? I have WFN, I'll check it out when it comes out.
  7. I believe it is because of the "forum template". Like when these forums are created, they are a blank slate that can be customized, but they have some basic defaults. I know that the Carp Anglers Group is made from the exact same template - they have the warning points and same basic setup.
  8. Yes, 0 is what you want. You get warning points by breaking forum rules. Only you see how many warning points you have, so you can see yours, but nobody else can.
  9. Thanks C, I doubted it would make much of a difference at all, but always fun to match the fly as closely as possible. I will stick with peacock. Thanks, ~Troy
  10. So I was tying up a few beetles for next year, when I started wondering about something. The beetles I tie are fairly are fairly realistic, and this is the closest thing I could find to them (I don't have any pictures of mine). So I always wrap something around the hook before I fold the foam over and tie it down, but I was wondering what you guys think is best. Peacock herl, black dubbing, etc? Just to be clear, I am talking about a material to wrap the hook in first, so the trout doesn't see the shank of the hook. I have never seen the underside of a beetle (or paid attention to it), so I don't know. I have always used black dubbing, but I wonder if something like peacock herl would be more realistic (not that it would make a huge difference). Thanks in advance, ~Troy
  11. I was going to recommend this one as well. It has pretty clear pictures, is not too complicated, and looks good. It is my go to heptagenia nymph.
  12. Lots of good advice on here... I'll try to add a little. If you look around, you will see some with rubber legs, some without. It doesn't really matter, but I like them, especially on bluegill poppers. 'Gills are suckers for rubber legs. And for bodies, as mikechell said, flip flops are great. Get a pair from the dollar store, and you can make dozens of poppers. Just make sure they're thick enough. Also, look around for bulk packs of corks. I got 2000 on eBay for $10. They are made for some sort of mini wine bottle, but they are perfect size for bass and bluegill, and are tapered. I don't know about you, but buying those pre-made foam bodies can get expensive, or at least compared to the corks. Post some pictures if you tie some!!
  13. Thanks heavynets! I made a trip yesterday, but couldn't find it. Now I'll have to order more! And it's only $3.19 right now with a select yarn sale . Order now to save 81 cents!
  14. Thanks for all the steps. I'll definitely tie some up! And sorry, the yarn I have was just a little ball I found in my wife's supply. I need more though, so I'll make another trip to JoAnns. If I can find it, I'll let you know. Bugging out some brown yarn with a dubbing pick or piece of Velcro may give a similar result. Probably not as good as the original yarn though.
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