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  1. Welcome fellow Coloradoan! I'm way up north, Ft. Collins area. More lakes than streams as I've had kids with me... looking for more streaks & creeks.
  2. Would love to join with a "Gut Sack" sow bug!
  3. 😎 Damn, baller! Bringin' the bling! 😎
  4. Very classy look to that one, Bjorn should be well pleased!
  5. Really like the blank on that one!
  6. I've seen a Law vise, but never tied on one...
  7. Big shoot for the youth shotgun team that weekend. I do hope to make it next year
  8. "you can feel it, it's electric! boogie-woogie-woogie"
  9. Black Widow comes to mind, I'm diggin' it!
  10. Sharing here for everyone: Thank you for the complement! I designed that fly about 16 years ago. I'm a big Sylvester Nemes fan and love the book North Country Flies by Robert L. Smith. (That book is expensive, but worth it) I wanted something that I could use on the end of a multi-fly rig to flop around and it fit the bill. I showed it to a friend of mine (author, artist & fly designer) and he said it was great! He asked what colors worked the best and I had only used light olive at that time, but every color I've tied it in since has worked... even white! I almost always have one on as my dropper fly. Lite-Brite soft hackle: I use the following, tied in this order: Hook: 1x long, 1x strong nymph (Dai-Riki 060) 16-12 Thread: Dealers choice, I prefer UTC in 70... every color I have used has caught fish, but chartreuse is always a winner Rib: Medium copper wire Body: Pearl mylar over thread body with slight overlap Thorax: Peacock herl Legs/soft hackle: Anything from Hungarian partridge to speckled brahma hen Compact head! -Judson
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