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  1. Recieved, Great flies everyone. Will fish em this week PSorry about the postage pickin 6. I had them weigh it and apply the postage. I dont know why it be more coming than going?
  2. Nice cphupert. Size 14 dry fly bees in flight
  3. Mhackney too!! This is a blast from the past.
  4. Ok pickin6ofem, I just set up my first honey bee hive. So it’s a no brainer. I’m in with a bee. Thanks again for the invite after all these years . And a big hello to majestyja! Another name I haven’t heard in a while
  5. Sorry to hear about that stony. I know how much you like tyin, flyin, and swappin. Keep your chin up and put a 110% into what you gatta do. Thanks for takin this swap on. I thought it went great this year. Good job! Please keep the flies you got from me. And thanks to all you guys for such a nice swap. I have learned quite a lot from the wouderfull flies you all sent each month. And juice and I have caught quite a few fish on them :headbang: thanks agian, chrisfish.
  6. in the mail and headed your way. thanks again bfr. and merry christmas :yahoo:
  7. nice contest fred i like all the entries so far. very cool and creative :headbang:
  8. I'll get them in the mail this week TNB. As for seeing any handywork,,? I found this challenge to be just that, CHALLENGING! I ended up using the pattern i first tied when learning to tie (wolly bugger). It was hard just to find a way to start the thread much less finish the head! But i finally learned the one hand whip finish I want to thank you for picking up the torch for Kerry and keeping the challenge swaps going. This is by far the coolest swap i've had the pleasure of being part of this year. Thanks All. chris
  9. sent them out last week. should be there stoney.
  10. BFR your gonna be a busy boy this year You better butter up your mail carrier :hyst: one of my favorite swaps of the season. :headbang: Thanks BFR IM IN
  11. I'm in. i'll go with joeking and only use my left hand. I know about loosing some things in war, but nothing like these brave men and women have sacrificed. I realy hope the extras inspire a smile.
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