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  1. Maybe this will keep him from climbing on everything else?
  2. Most of the peppers at my backyard garden are very happy. Lost two varieties to being too wet. They both had the same water vessel in the dirt which I think was too tall for the 5 gallon bucket. However, things are looking good for the rest so far
  3. Nice! Do you save the greens for chives?
  4. Potatoes are nearly done, some starting to yellow. Will let them stay a week or two in ground after dying off before pulling them. Not quite sure what im going to put in their place. Thinned out more radished, pulled some spinach and checked carrots which arent quite ready yet. Beans and peas looking great, have a couple of squash already and cucumbers are going to take off soon.
  5. Split Lip Rayfield at the bluegrass festival in Winfield, KS multiple times. Old 97s and Slobberbone at the Will Rogers Theater in OKC, 1999 The Flaming Lips at the Myriad in OKC, NYE 2008. Todd Snider, Blue Door OKC, Early 2000s. Ween at the Diamond Ballroom, OKC Built to Spill at the Diamond Ballroom Explosions in the Sky at the Criterion in OKC
  6. How long are you here?
  7. Thinned out radishes Sunday, started a ferment for relish with carrot, garlic, and onion. Hilled up potatoes this morning, as well as getting some bricks set out for the wagon wheel herb planter. Going to plant some more this evening when it's cooler. It has been crazy hot the last few days!
  8. Potatoes are about knee high, beans looking good. Root veggies are starting to take off as well. Need to hill up the potatoes soon, as they are starting to flower.
  9. Good so far, weathered the storms over the last few days pretty well. Cayenne already producing, should probably have cut them off to focus on growth but I am excited to get some peppers early so I left it alone.
  10. I have a gen4 g19 with a trijicon rmr. You'll like shooting that thing for sure
  11. Mike, we had a bit of snow before we spread the compost, but haven't had any for a few months. Rich, cardboard as a weed blocker that will break down over time and let the garden roots through. This may give you a rough idea.
  12. Potatoes and onions coming in nicely. Have onion sets as well as seeds going. Spinach, lettuce, carrots, radish, beets, beans, and peas all sprouting. Our last frost date is typically 4/15, nights getting warmer and into the 50s, so I expect things to start growing faster very soon!
  13. Progressive exposure to sun since they have been under grow lights. Decreases chance of sunburn for them
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