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  1. Just a regular classroom board chalk (calcium carbonate). I'll hot glue one to the lid of a non-waterproof plano box. A more expensive option would be climbing chalk, which is magnesium carbonate, but typically designed to be able to break up into a powder so I haven't found any options that are fly-fishing friendly. Maybe @SilverCreek would have some input about the difference, whether magnesium carbonate would even be worth looking into.
  2. I keep a spare plano box with school board chalk glued in it for my used flies. the chalk is hygroscopic, and will keep the hooks from rusting as i'm prone to forget them in the back seat of the truck.
  3. maybe ? https://www.bigyflyco.com/yallerhammer-detail.htm
  4. Decent for consistency. My only experience using one was a tailgate sized one. We were on a fishing trip and I headed back to the cabin to cook up some stuffed backstrap while everyone else loaded boats and gear. The owner said "just do x, then y, then z" and it came out better than my setup at home.
  5. dogfacedoc

    Weekend goals??

    Friday isn't a weekend but I spent 8 hours at my in laws harvesting pecan wood for the smoker after our ice storm this week. This pic is just part of it, he has 12 mature trees that got hit hard. My father in law has a CAT with a grappler that we used to haul it off to a brush pile to turn it into mulch. I get to do the same thing today at my parents house.
  6. Different configurations for the outriggers on the pathfinder model. Its the only one I know of. Unfortunately I heard they are no longer in business. https://www.mensjournal.com/adventure/freedom-hawk-pathfinder/
  7. 2010ish, on deployment to Iraq, came across a magazine called The Drake in a put-and-take book bin. It had an article about kayak fly fishing for tailing reds in coastal Georgia. I was stationed 45 minutes away from where the article was highlighting. I decided when I got home to give it a shot. Picked up a 5wt combo from the Bass Pro in Savannah, and watched youtube vids on how to cast. I had no success catching reds but did get a few bass. Fast forward to me leaving the army and coming home to OK. I didn't fish for a few years because the lakes were boring.. I got rid of my kayaks, and focused on school. Finished a couple of bachelor's degrees and worked nights for 2 years, then switched to days and had a lot of free time. I decided to fish every chance I could. I fished a bunch of streams in OK and have fallen in love with smallmouth. I have not gotten my redfish yet though!
  8. https://www.saltwatersportsman.com/gear/fly-fishing-accessories/ships-systems/freedom-hawk-kayaks/
  9. Got mine Saturday, should be a good set to pull out when people ask what they're biting on 😆
  10. A great organization I am proud to be a part of!
  11. Good to know it arrived! I laughed at them making them. Hope somebody can use them in a powerbait hatch!
  12. I'll be fishing out of Venice next week!
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