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  1. I found 2gal bags at the grocery store the other day. Have not gotten them out yet. I will check this evening after work but a quick Googles shows 13x16"
  2. Ziploc, freezer, wait a few weeks, thaw, freeze, then preserve it. Scrape the tissue off the skin and use borax.
  3. It's the only non-essential business
  4. First ever attempt at a royal wulff. No calf hair, used white yarn.
  5. Decided to stimulate the economy, went and picked up a vise for her, and got a bunch of materials at bass pro. Talked her through this foam spider, went to the neighborhood pond and she caught her first fish on it! She never liked fishing flies I tied because she didnt want to lose them, but now she says she "gets it" why I was always trying to get her to throw my flies.
  6. Got her to follow me through a woolly bugger. Gonna try to get out on one of the warmer days this week and find some bass. I want to see her face when she catches a fish on HER flies!
  7. We will have to work on color combos but she definitely has the talent. Watched a YouTube vid on palmering hackle and "I watched you do that thing with your fingers at the end and I just did it"
  8. dogfacedoc

    Covid 19

    My wife and I are both ER nurses, she is in a large hospital, I am in a microhospital. Both in OKC. Census is down, people seem to be staying away. Homeless population unaware of what's going on, business as usual for them. Ambulances coming to my hospital more regularly in an attempt to keep the BS away from larger hospitals when the corona hits the fan. Projecting mid to late April for drastic increase in cases. Our hosp has one vent. 2 nurses, one doc, 2 techs. ventilated patient basically brings us to a standstill if we can't offload them. Wife's hospital moved oncology unit to a separate building. They also magically found 40% more capacity, which surprised me that they could never do that during "hold season" when the ER is 75% full of patients with no bed upstairs to go to. She has much better PPE than I do. Good since she is asthmatic. Brother is ortho surgeon in central texas. Stopped all elective surgeries, cut 50% staff. Parents are in Jacksonville, FL. Mom is veterinarian, still seeing patients at 2 clinics. She's got 41 years of practice, and feels the need to keep teaching and mentoring the baby vets. I'm worried it's going to hit her or my dad hard. He's got COPD, multiple MIs. Wife's dad lost job due to economy. OK is oil country. No new oil in OK under $45/barrel, we were in the mid $20s and his employer cut him loose from looking for wells. 35 year career gone, now he's looking to buy a forestry mulcher and go clear food plots for deer leases to stay busy. I have a feeling there will be lots of land for sale here for cheap soon.
  9. I'm at work and my wife texted me saying she was bored. I told her she could paint some poppers. She texts a few hours later, showing off this that she tied. She has not tied anything before!
  10. I think I went for a few months before I was able to get the line out far enough to catch anything. I caught maybe one 12" bass in GA before I moved home. Gave it up to focus on school, and got back into it after switching to day shift and having all this time and energy. I found an area to cast away from others at a pond by my house and watched a whole lot of youtube videos. Took about a week of dedicated practice and I got a lot better and then decided to go looking for the fish. Was pretty satisfying to be pulling in fish regularly next to guys watching their bait soak.
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