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  1. Give the Shiner Holiday Cheer a try this fall!
  2. I will second NOT trying IPA(India Pale Ale) unless you like drinking pine oil. craft beer guys always say I just don't have a refined palate, and am uncultured because I don't like IPAs. I say I would rather have the roasty, coffee flavors of stouts than pine oil and grapefruit.
  3. If you like light summery beers, leinenkugels summer shandy is lemony and refreshing.
  4. 6" bass gamakatsu b10s Ftd crystal hair olive and white Ftd big game hair olive and white Grizzly hackle Ftd BGC dubbing olive and white Ftd 8mm eyes Fabric fusion adhesive head
  5. If anyone is shopping for a vise...
  6. Are they not letting you participate because they don't want your address floating around?
  7. Good, didnt need that money anyway!
  8. I'm using TFOs warranty currently, teaching a friend how to fly fish in his pond and he snagged a backcast. He got all upset about it, I just handed him my other rod and he caught a bass on the next cast.
  9. Send address and I'll have mine out in the morning. I switched up, did some crease flies.
  10. Don't worry, you'll meet your Prince one day!
  11. i've only fished a section of brushy creek west of there. had my hydroflask stolen. Apparently the old white man with a boxer felt he needed it more than I did. My fault for not having it on me, but I was like 50 yards upstream, and didn't leave it in plain sight. He walked down to the stream bed, hung around that area a bit, and then left. When I got back, it was gone. I'm mostly upset because it had cool stickers
  12. A friend has 900+ acres and a private pond in western oklahoma, says any green sunfish gets culled as they are bad for bass too. What's ruined several lakes here is sand bass.
  13. i'm thinking a little rattle in the tail would be a nice addition
  14. Black Hawk Down Full Metal Jacket Jarhead Just watched 1917 last night. excellent! nearly "one shot" panning so there's no cuts.
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