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  1. The blue, orange, and red of the reel/line looks great with the matching colors in the brookie, IMO. Good stuff.
  2. Great shots, Jay! That is a beautiful place and you did a great job capturing it.
  3. Love the second photo! That combination of reel, backing and line has to be one of coolest I've ever seen. What line comes in that blue color?
  4. Great photos and informative article! Although I wouldn't refer to the "grip and grin" shot as dreaded. It has its place and time. Maybe not from a photography stand point, but they make nice memories.
  5. Congrats Peter and very well done! The photos are very intriguing.
  6. Just returned from an annual steamer trip with my brothers. Here are a few of the shots from the trip. 7" olive/White Combo Killer just before catching the trout above. Poor man's dinner on the river. Scenic high bank. MI's rivers are not the best conditions for underwater photos. Especially when the water is stained and in low light conditions. Still, I thought this looked cool because the marabou is so soft in the water. Always a good time with my brothers.
  7. Great stuff, Jay! :thumbup:
  8. Great shots as always, John. I really like the yote shot and how it is standing on the high point in the field. Made for a great shot, IMO. I'll be chasing turkeys with a bow starting May 4th. I never make it out as much as I plan because I always find myself standing knee deep in water instead.
  9. Very nice as always, Jay. Looking forward to the trout pics.
  10. Congrats on your solo show! Very intriguing photos. Would love to see them on a larger scale in person.
  11. I haven't been posting much here lately, but I still lurk and admire all the fine photos. For those that don't remember, I'm a sucker for fish faces. Each one is unique to me. Here are a few recent shots.
  12. I'm not a big bird guy, but this is the best bird photo I have personally ever seen. Stunning shot, John!
  13. Cool shots! Seeing those parr reminds me that I have some tying to do. Rainbow and steelhead parr are the preferred meal of big browns in the spring around here.
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