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  1. An old fishing mentor of mine used to steam his flies. As I recall, he would steam his flies periodically throughout the season as each of the different hatches were ending. This guy had flies that he had fished for several years. He did this mainly to clean the floatant off of his flies. It didn't do any damage to the material, and didn't change their appearance either. Not sure if it removed any scent, but I would think it does.
  2. Thank you guys!!! I think this will be fun. I've been experimenting a bit with very big deceivers, and a few others. It's just funny to be tying for a species I know nothing about! And he is only beginning to pike fish this year too. Thank you for the color recommendations. That was a big help.
  3. So, a friend of mine is planning to target pike this season. He asked me to ties him a bunch of flies, which I am obliged to do. But, I have ZERO experience with pike. What colors/combos, and what style flies do you pike guys like??
  4. I just got word that the movers are coming in two weeks (moving to VA). If you don't mind, I am going to tie something different, maybe an Icepick, for which I already have materials. I'll get them in the mail by next weekend.
  5. So, I bought some of that body tubing....it's a pain in the @$$!!!! I burned through about half the pack before I got it right. I was melting the end too much, which kept it from expanding it to fit over the rest of the fly when you turn it inside out on itself. And it is tough to judge where on the hook you want it. So, about 5 flies later, and half a pack of tubing, I finally got it right! It is a very interesting material and I believe I will be using it quite a bit for some new skinny water, night time trout streamers
  6. Cool fly! ...Not to get off topic, but it looks like a piece of briar behind that fly...are you a pipe smoker??
  7. I'd like in on this please. I have a fly with no name. It represents a small bass.
  8. Great video! Thanks for posting! I may have missed it in the video....what size tubing? 1/2, or 1/4?
  9. I used to do a ton of night fishing with dries. One particular river here in CT has hatches that well well into the night, and some even drag in daybreak. If I plan on staying for the night hatch, I dumb it down and make it as simple as possible. I am stationary, I don't move. It is very difficult to move quietly, and to keep getting re-set up every time you move. You know where the fish are...don't move! Next, I shorten my cast. If I screw up a cast and make a mess of my line, it's a wrap for the night. For tippet?....go heavy! 4x-3x for flies 10-14. Now for the flies...I keep this simple too! For mayfly hatches, I fish either a usual, and/or a spent-wing (often times I'll fish two flies). For caddis, it's usually an x-caddis or something very simple. I spend a good bit of time NOT fishing, but listening to the water. I listen for clumsy fish rising and make a mental note of where they are. Cast to the general areas where you think the fish are. LISTEN, watch your line to detect any change in your drift. Set the hook whenever you think it's a fish. Most times it is not, but the fish don't spook very easily at night. Often times, your line just comes tight and you're on, without ever detecting a strike. And lots of time the fish take the fly on the swing when it's submerged. Almost all of the fish over 18" that I have taken on this river were caught at night fishing just as I described. This has been effective for me even on nights when the hatch ended early, before dark. I have never tried fishing stimulators, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. Give it a try! Also, don't shy away from fishing a mouse
  10. Did you use "denatured" alcohol? It does not contain water.....usually the source of the 'milky' appearance. Hope you get it worked out, this worked for me. ahhhhhh....thanks!
  11. Perhaps this will do the trick! http://www.blacklight.com/items/BLRS365
  12. Thank you for the input! I have tried the alcohol trick, and it left cloudy, hazy appearance to the resin. Perhaps I will buy new lights....but maybe a bit more expensive and of better quality.
  13. With the booming increase in use of UV resins, and the wide variety of them on the market, I am desperately hoping to solve two major issues I am having. First, the "tack"! I have been switching between Clear Cure Goo, and Loon, in all the varieties of both brands. Sometimes they cure well, but mostly, they still have some tack after spending several minutes under the light. These results are the same whether it's Flow, Thick, etc... Next, the lights. I have heard, and read that you need to use the lights specifically sold for each brand. So, I bought two CCG lights, and two Loon lights, each at about $20+ (which is WAY too much for a rinky dink light made in China). The major problem I have with the lights, are they are super cheap. They keep breaking on me. The button to switch the light on/off keeps getting stuck, and it falls apart when I take it apart to fix it. Now, I have four...FOUR $20 light, all of which were purchased about 6-8 months ago, and none of them work. I have taken them apart, reassembled the switches, changed the batteries.....still broken. Is it me? Are there any other suggestions for lights? I am very frustrated. Please help!
  14. Rubber leg stonefly! I tie it on a #6, with golden olive chenille, and natural barred legs. I also do VERY well with a soft-hackle prince, however, I dumb it down a bit because I hate tying goose biots! Rubber legs for the tail (trimmed short), peacokc hurl up the abdomen wrapped with tinsel or wire, two pieces of flashy material for the wing (I use flashabou), and some Hare'e dub in various colors for the thorax, and a partridge soft-hackle (optional). No wing case, no legs...very simple, fast, and deadly effective. I tie these in sizes 10-16, and in several different colors, but the standard peacock is most productive for me.
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