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  1. I have the same issue as the OP when using my cell phone, which is really all I can use anymore... hopefully it gets fixed or a solution is found for Android users.
  2. I would actually suggest shaking it off, and rubbing a fresh layer of borax in the skin, letting it sit, and shaking it off again. It'll help to pull out any moisture that may have been absorbed in the shipping process. And perhaps to further ensure the absence of bugs. Matt
  3. Got mine a few days ago. Thanks, everyone!
  4. Flies have been sent. Thanks for hosting!
  5. I'm in. Excited to start doing more tying now that life has slowed down a bit for me. Thanks!
  6. Hi All, Over the holidays, I received a couple boxes of materials from fly tyers dungeon as gifts. Although I'm extremely excited to use some of them, others have left me struggling to find ideas for application due to color or texture/thickness, etc. This is particularly the case for congo hair. I understand how it is meant to be used as a baitfish fiber similar to EP fiber, but I have a difficult time getting the same tapered look and action as other popular commercial materials. I also have some odd colors that wouldn't be great on a baitfish pattern, which has made me question how to use some of it (dubbing brush, blended dubbing, etc.). After sifting through threads via search function, there doesnt seem to be one thread devoted to congo hair and its traditional and alternative applications along with pictures of flies tied with it, so here it is. My idea is for this thread to serve as a resource for tyers who are looking for tips on how to tie different types of streamers with congo hair and ideas for alternative uses of congo hair in colors not ideal for streamers. In addition, I think it would be great if we could inspire creativity by sharing pictures of flies you've tied with congo hair. Feel free to share anything else you think is relevant to the discussion! Thanks, Matt
  7. Hey Cream , is that on a bass worm hook? That thing looks killer.
  8. I tried to register for an account on rod building forum and it says they are not accepting new accounts. Anyone else having the same issue? Thanks Matt
  9. I would say at the very least maybe a lttle less than 25% are in that range.
  10. This is strange... I just tried to access the website as well and it didnt work for me either... I just accessed it last thursday. Perhaps theyre performing maintenance? If youre really interested, I would suggest giving him a call. Charlie is a joy to talk to and would be willing to tell you anything he knows about his industry. Regards Matt
  11. Hello Everyone, Its been some time since I've posted anything on here but that doesn't mean I went anywhere! I recently bought a commercial grab bag from Collins Hackle Farm and I figured I would give all of you some pictures and some observations, good and bad, since dry fly hackle is a topic that seems to overwhelm many. I am in no way affiliated with Collins, and am not here to advertise. just an honest review. Here we go. Price of this grab bag is seriously low, $60 to be exact. Youll never be able to find four necks for this price. Although they are of a color of his choice, Charlie will never choose a color that you wont use often. the colors are very vivid and lifelike, and I'm the most impressed with the barred dun. The Picture of that neck doesn't do it justice. Super Buggy. Next, feather length. The length of the feathers on these necks are decent. Size 18-20 seems to be the smallest feather of a usable length. However, the feather length increases more exponentially than any other neck ive seen and by the time youre in #16, the feather is more than long enough to handle. Barb stiffness is very nice, comparable to metz or whiting. Stem flexibility is just the same. One thing I will point out is the barb density on each feather IS slightly lower than the top of the line. The same goes for feather density of the neck. just a bit below the rest. Web in the smaller sizes is no issue with these necks at all. If you're a large drake or hex tyer, youll be very pleased with these necks because of the very small portion of web that the larger sizes have. Over 3/4 of the larger feathers are web free. So I'm sure youll read this and think "wow that's just an OK review", but one thing to keep in mind is that this is the COMMERCIAL grab bag. Essentially, this is the lowest grade that he carries. For 15 bucks a pop, these things will not let you down and will provide you with tons of utilizable feathers. Ive never ordered any of his high grade stuff because of how much I like this deal. I cant imagine what his high grade stuff is like. I have been very pleased with the customer service as well. I sent my payment out on Thursday, and received it the following Monday. reasonable shipping costs. I will continue to buy from them as long as I tie. If anyone has any questions, let me know. Matt
  12. I believe netabrookie sent out some pieces of seat belt fabric and lt is the best synthetic parachute post i have used to date.
  13. Yeah Vic... I do tend to start these at bad times but i just try to do them when i can. Hopefully itll fill up. It might just take some time.
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