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  1. Has anyone compared the Vision Nymphmanic to the Cortland Nymph or any similar rods on a river. I am looking to get a new one and I am between these 2 but there might be something better for around the same price. Any suggestions? No point mentioning anything over €400
  2. 20 Years of being a graphic designer who spends his days wondering how he ended up sitting behind a computer for 9 hours a day. Thats why fly fishing is so important to me. Without the peace and beauty I find on the river I'm not sure I could stick this life.
  3. People, thank you for the replies. My son seems to have a small interest probably to to my over interest about fishing. I think I will bring him to a pond and try and get him catching a few course fish and keep practising casting with a fly rod in the garden. Hopefully he will follow down the same path because fishing give so much back to the angler that can ever be explained. My 4 older bothers all passed fishing on to me and its the one thing I hope that I can pass on to my kids. Really happy I found this website, excellent information and very helpful anglers. Greetings for Ireland lads and lassies. Michael
  4. My son is nearly 7 and I have had him in the garden a few times with my lightest fly rod showing him how to cast. The rod is too long at 8.5ft. Is he too young still or is there a suitable light rod that someone can recommend. I have heard that he would be better off fishing with a worm in a lake to get him catching fish first before trying to use a fly rod. Any advice most welcome.
  5. Stunning. Would love to be able to create a fly that good.
  6. Would casting a 5 weight floating line on a 3 weight rod risk breaking the rod? I assume the line would be too heavy and cause damage to the rod, or am I wrong?
  7. Update on fly line, I was out again over the weekend and the line was a bit better to float. I had a small weight hang off the line over the last weeks to remove the coils that I think are the cause of the sinking but is there a better way to remove line memory from a fly line?
  8. I use something similar over here in Ireland. They work well in the right conditions. Your are stunning. Excellent tying skills.
  9. They are both stunning patterns. Beautiful work Lucian.
  10. Hi all, I have been tying myself for the last two seasons and catching on my own creations but as a novice I have limited materials as I am only in the process of building up my materials. This might be a stupid question but is there anything like a programme with you can input what materials you have and it would give you patterns based on your details? I know nothing beats asking an experienced tier what can be created with X,Y and Z but it does take a lot of time and money to build up a good stock of different threads, wires, feather etc. and I find I come across a pattern that looks great but there is always some material that I don't have so I substitute it for something in my collection. Or maybe this is how new patterns evolve, out of necessity. Any way my biggest regret is I didn't start tying years ago as it has rounded off the whole fly fishing life full circle.
  11. Thanks for the replies, Planettrout I keep mine in a similar box but I find the smaller sizes get so messed up that when on the water when I try and take one out I lose some to the river. I know if I put less in each compartment that won't happen but I was just wondering was there a special box for soft hackles. Beautiful collections of flies there people.
  12. Where do you store your soft hackle patterns and spiders? I have used foam boxes and the crush the hackles or if you use a dry fly box the all get stuck together and destroyed. Any suggestions for a way to hold them without damaging the soft hackle?
  13. WOW. this is excellent information. Much appreciated.
  14. Will do. I was looking at the line in a bath yesterday and I noticed that it was very coiled, so when on the water some of the coils sink below. So I put the reel on a shelf and hung a small weight on the end to try and take the coil out of the line. This might help too.
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