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  1. Various combinations of cree/grizzly/dun Bi-vsibles for the grayling trip.
  2. I think you are right. Thanks.
  3. Some of the bugs I'm tying for a grayling overnighter this weekend. None of these are known patterns, they're all from stuff found on the tying bench. Grayling aren't all that particular up here, these will all be munched up pretty well.
  4. Yes, it's been a chilly summer so far. We usually get a few days in the 70s and 80s but they've been few and far between this summer.
  5. Thanks a lot everybody. It was a lot of fun, got one more planned for later this summer. Yes we have lots of fish fries but I have to take it easy on the batter, they say it's not good for me. We also share an awful lot of fish. As I mentioned in earlier we fish proxies that allow us to catch limits of fish for older folks that aren't able to get out and fish. They appreciate it a lot.
  6. Phft, purists! It's a lot more fun to catch fish on a fly but it's more fun to catch fish than not catch fish on a fly.
  7. Yes, and worse, I'll tell you about it sometime. And yet, I was still able to convince myself I was still having fun. 😁 We're funny that way. Here's a teaser, I've broken a knee cap on my remote trap line, been paralyzed, had hypothermia several times, dislocated an ankle and other stuff. I'm told I should write it all down. I think I will.
  8. I am sorry you hate people Mike. I love people, I find joy in knowing lots of very nice people. The ones that are not nice, I just don't bother myself with, I don't write everybody off because they are people, and I don't waste any time or misery dwelling on them that are not nice. You do know that all the fine people on this forum are people. I'm glad I don't feel the same way you do, it's depressing.
  9. One more thing Landon, you don't have to worry about whoever it was that took your friends stuff. You never know, it still could end up in the lost and found in the paper or on social media somewhere. If it was stolen, those kinds of people make their own misery. He will never be able to use that stuff where he found it for fear of being seen. That kind of person will always have to look over his shoulder. He will never be able to enjoy that stuff as much as we do because he didn't work for it like we do. If it was stolen and hocked to support some kind of problem, well then, he has his own problems. Karma is a real thing because people make their own karma, he will always be miserable because of his own actions. We can be happy we are not like that.
  10. I have the bobbin holder, I like it but I don't use it any more than any of my others. Only when it has the right thread on it.
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