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  1. You are welcomed, it's my pleasure.
  2. Nice looking stuff. I'm hungry again. I'm making a pot turkey soup and some turkey pot pies today.
  3. Those sound like wonderful places, and it looks like they are. Good on you.
  4. Well, it's probably not the only machine that can do it, we've come a long way baby. It depends on just how for you wanted to go. Heat treating (and other stuff) would still need to be done, you can't do that with a milling machine. Hammers can reproduce themselves. But again, other things will likely be needed. Food for thought.
  5. Yes, then I'm thinking of tying No-see-ums, but the No-see-ums are very hard to tie on the hook.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  6. It had been a long running problem for some of it. It comes and goes and it seems to me it depends on which devises we use and which operating systems we use. None of them are the same and I suspect it will never be perfect. I've had to deal with it.
  7. Everything looks great Dads. Keep up the great work.
  8. Thanks everybody. I appreciate all the well wishes.
  9. Yeah, I have one of the original CNC Bridgeports, a manual one and 3000 more sq, ft. of machines to have fun with.
  10. Well, I have enough Adams Drys and have started on some moose hair mosquitoes. I'm making them with fine synthetic dunn dubbing for a smoother body instead of musk rat underfur. They are pretty much the same as the Adams dries except for the barred hair body and the fine dubbing. I'll make 20 of them, in 14s and 16s. Next, maybe some gnats.
  11. Correct, it is a 1/4 rod cut down to a 3/16 threaded section of 10-32. Size ten wire size is .1935", 3/16 is .1875". it's only .006 off so I call it 3/16. Size 10 is more correct.
  12. I tried tying Saturday, it was tough, with no motor control. It's getting better already though. Thanks everyone.
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