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  1. Sadly, I will be gone for 12 days on a deer hunt / fishing trip so you will have to go without for a little while.
  2. I was going to guess George Letort. 😁
  3. There may be one or two draw backs to living in Fairbanks. We got no Dollar Store. Everything has to be shipped.
  4. Yeah, they tricked me into tying little ones. 😁
  5. Nice video, great job. Not that Norm needs my back-up but yes, the original Blacknosed Dace calls for three different colors of hair to resemble the real Blacknose Dace. People tie, and make videos of their' own variations of flies all the time but to be accurate, if you want to be accurate, you would want to point out how your variation differs from the original. You didn't ask for critique but we know you are eager to learn and do good stuff. Nice vise too, your rotary is a true rotary. Good stuff.
  6. It is a lot like a Klepper. This one is 21 feet long and has three seats. All aluminum frame. It has no inflatable sponsons though. I like it.
  7. I'd have to go to Anchorage to find a Dollar Store. Yuch
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