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  1. Well, thanks for the kudos. Well need to wait for a report on the movement. All my water is frozen and I won't know till I try them in April. I can bend them into a "U" by hand right now. Water and whipping them around will help when I use them. I'll flex them a bit when I use them too. We'll see....
  2. You could put it in "Classified"
  3. OK, I got started on a Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer fly for Christmas. I'm looking for volunteers to help finish it. 😁
  4. For some reason, I always thought he'd be rough on turkeys. Who knew?
  5. Thanks guys. I have to wait about six months before I will know. Please report back if it fishes well.
  6. Um, mine took over sixteen hours for me to make. A year is about enough time for a good one. They are fun though.
  7. Man, good thing you have "a kid" I don't even have that. We do have several computers and jump drives though.
  8. Me too. And to you my friend.
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