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  1. Oh, I was confused cuz you quoted my intestine joke when you made the comment. Carry on.
  2. Very nice, I guess you'll have to take a day off from the shad. Decisions decisions..
  3. Try soaking first, then send them to me if that don't work. No seriously, I love to fiddle with stuff to see if they can be brought back. If I was successful I'd send them back. Of course, you could just bring them back where you got them and see if you can have them replaced.
  4. I was wondering if anybody thought it was funny, I was left hanging there for a while. Fly tiers are pretty sophisticated folk. My wives family is always up for a good butt or fart joke but they're not fly tiers.
  5. For me, the guide is just the guy to run the boat. That's on my known waters. It's very difficult to run the boat on salmon and trout waters and still fly fish. When I was the guide, I, was of course, more than just the guy to run the boat.😁 I very seldom get to just fish when I'm out with buddies, I'm usually the guy running the boat and helping everyone else. It's really a luxury for me to have someone else do all the stuff. And, he's worth it.
  6. I have done several deer hides. People keep bringing them over. After I salt them and cut them up, I give most of it away, mostly to fly tying schools and new tiers.
  7. Sounds like a great lot of fun. Good for you. I'm envious for you now. I've never gotten to fish for them but I've it in in VA. I've never heard of anybody eating them either. Hows your boat running? And you new anchor?
  8. The word for "self-guiding" is "Fishing" 😁
  9. It is both....in that order. You know how it is on the internet, you can say what ever you want.
  10. OK, if you like. To me it's like calling somebodies baby an "it". Personally, even if I'm dragging a deer, I don't say "it" I say buck, doe or deer. The deer or man is, or was a living being and deserving of more than "it". "It" is for inert objects. To each his own, but if I ever get shot, I hope nobody says "drag "IT" over there to the mass burial pit with all those others" I prefer "Him" or "That amazing specimen of a man" or "The fishin' magician" or "200 pounds of twisted steel with sex appeal" Thanks in advance. Once again I may have overstated my position. Sorry.
  11. I'm going to apologize for this in advance. I have a friend who lost most of his small intestines from some disease, the doctors were able to replace it with a few yards of pig intestine, so there is that. 😁 😀 Now when he passes gas, it sounds like a pig squeal. Carry on with your regularly scheduled program, I'll be quiet now.
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