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  1. Lol OK, now Thanks.
  2. You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day - I have no idea why!
  3. Thanks for this video! This is just great! It was about him that I spoke. What year is it? 2001? : D Unfortunately, I can not put your post, writes that I have already reached the limit;)
  4. I also think so, including because all highly specialized things are always very expensive, and if there is a combination of two special products, there will always be a better quality than one by one!
  5. I also think that most modern technologies are good only in words. But sellers talk about their quality very beautifully.
  6. And I'm still amazed at the fox's ability to pierce the snow and get mice out of there. By the way, I have a question, did anyone use binoculars with camera to track animals or something, like, that? How effective or not?
  7. Hello everyone, my name is Jack, I am a student from Vienna, and I first started fishing last summer when my friends and I went to the river. Before that, I didn’t even have such an idea, it seemed boring. Now the season has come again to fish and I realized that I read a lot of things about it and want to discuss. Regards, Jack;)
  8. I do not know Mike, but I wish him a speedy recovery!
  9. SemSema

    Song of the day

    I can not get rid of this, so forgive me if someone will play it in my head for another week;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqSclLcbvCA
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