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  1. This is what my Tabs look like in Chrome. Clicking on any of the options doesn't work.
  2. Yeah, I was in a deep funk for a few years. It's good to be feeling better. The "next" or" page selection" buttons I am referring to are at the bottom left of the page to go to the next page (if the are more pages of unread posts to read) of posts to that topic. It makes it impossible to go to the next page without exiting the topic and hitting the "unread content" tab at the top right, then selecting that topic again to continue reading posts. If there are more than a just a couple of unread pages, this becomes a huge inconvenience.
  3. I still can't navigate from one page to the next to read posts in any topic. The "next" tab or the >> tab do not work. This is very frustrating. I miss the "back to the top" feature that the old format had. I miss the preview feature that the old format had. You could see the first and last post in that thread to see what it was all about. Are these and/or other issues being addressed?
  4. I wouldn't take the chance of using a toxic and odorous substance like that. I stopped using naptha (white gas) for making a homemade floatant for the same reason. In my opinion, they have to leave a noxious smell and/or taste even after the offending substance has evaporated. It's hard enough to get fish to bite as it is, why would I take the chance of lowering my odds?
  5. Thanks for the compliment FRN, but I can't take credit for the tie. I had to google it since I don't have a camera worthy of taking a decent photo to post. Sorry for the deception.
  6. I realized later that I hadn't been specific enough and then I got busy and forgot to edit my post. Anyway, you guys beat me to it and corrected my error for me. On second thought, I withdraw my question. It was an silly idea in the first place.
  7. You didn't answer the question. What fly would you choose if you could only have one fly to fish for a day?
  8. Hi everyone! It has been years since my last post here but I have been "lured" back with the new upgrade. Although, I'm still not convinced it is better than the old site. There are lots of features that are missing and the ones that there are, don't seem to work. Anyway, I was thinking about a tournament I once participated in a few years ago. It was a "one fly" event. So I was wondering what fly you guys would choose for your one fly if you were in a tournament like this or if you limited yourself to fishing one fly on any given day. Post your answers (and a photo if you have one) and a reason why. BTW My fly for the tournament was a gurgler (mouse pattern) since it was in the fall and it was an all night tournament on the Au Sable River in MI. One like those shown below.
  9. I haven't come here very often in the past year or two but all of a sudden I am getting email notifications from old posts of mine and had to come and and see why. Wow! What a change! This will take some getting used to.
  10. shoebop

    Pike n' Burbot

    I lived in Minnesota for 40 years and am quite familiar with both Northern Pike and Burbot (known locally as eelpout). In fact, Leech Lake, MN holds an annual eelpout festival which is one of the largest ice fishing festivals anywhere. Anyway, eelpout are almost never caught except through the ice. I accidentally caught one while walleye fishing in October and the guide told me that that was the first time he ever saw one caught on open water in his lifetime. They are deep runners and always caught within inches of the bottom in cold northern Canadian shield type lakes. Live bait is most commonly used for eelpout and are usually caught "by accident" when fishing for walleye which are the common target in those lakes by sport fishers. In MN, it is illegal to throw them back so you will see them lying frozen on the ice outside the icehouses as most folks don't want them. I have heard from many sources that they make fine table fare but because they are so ugly and have a habit of wrapping themselves like a snake around you when trying to remove the hook, most just shake them off or cut the line and leave them on the ice. Local indigenous folk will oftentimes make the rounds and take the thrown out eelpout. A big windfall for them during the long Minnesota winters. Eelpout are not dogfish, snakehead, bowfin or catfish. They are more closely related to cod. In fact, they are also called a freshwater cod by some and resemble the taste I'm told.
  11. Try Home Advisors. https://www.homeadvisor.com/?entry_point_id=31749379&iv_=__iv_m_e_c_17309391473_k_25385884847_w_kwd-25385884847%3Aloc-190_g_4166390511_n_s_e__h_52687_ii__q_home+advisors+website_p_2_b_be_d_c_vi__&kw_id=25385884847&c_id=17309391473&gatc=be&msclkid=2b2dc11d7f1a102d8dc49c3b133a866d
  12. I have a bad back too and there is no difference between the slingpack and vest as far as back pain goes in my experience.
  13. I have a sling pack that I use most of the time. But the reason I use it is different from what everyone else says. True, it swings out of the way when fishing and then swings back in front of me when I need it. But more importantly, I pretty much know exactly where everything is in my sling pack but if not, it is just in the other zippered pouch...right in front of me. But, In my vest, I had to look in one of 4 or 6 pouches to find what I was looking for because things were all the time being moved around from one pouch to the other. I could never find the right flybox with the right size nymphs/wet flies/emergers/dry flies/ streamers/ tippets/ floatant...etc. You get the idea. If I could remember where everything was in my vest everytime I went out, I wouldn't have an issue with the vest.
  14. I'm not sure except they are probably a higher magnification than readers and they flip up out of the way pretty easily when you don't use them. I have been using them so long that I don't think about them anymore. They are just what I wear when I tie.
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