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  1. Some good pliers I would like to try, I will have to make an effort to use the pliers for more than just the peacock herl, but definitely going to look into the recommendations
  2. Last night I was tying some gnat flies. A good for some relaxed tying, I decided to give my hackle pliers another try. I’ve always had trouble with them, both slipping and breaking hackle. One gnat I have to re-tie the peacock herl 3 times, twice the pliers slipped or broke a herl. I switched to my hands and finished the fly. So which begs the question, do you all use pliers? What ones do you use? I have the pliers I attached pictures of, I have been intrigued by the cottarelli hackle pliers, but also looking for other options as well.
  3. This is a "Ronn lucas, lesson 2" tied with materials on hand. Hook: daiichi Alec jackson steelhead irons, size three Tag: oval tinsel tail: golden pheseant crest. I made a mistake and forgot herl, Body: half silver flat tinsel, half red floss Rib, oval tinsel Throat: pink schlappen wing: Ozark barred quill Head: black, courtesy of inkzall pen Thread, danville 140 white, flymaster plus My wing tying still needs some work, but getting better after finding some really good detailed videos, I like seeing techniques done rather than just reading. I seam to pick them up quicker. I used white thread and painted the head black, I liked it better than tying with black thread. I am doing an experiment I tied with this thread a bit, now I am using veevus 6/0 black. takes some getting used to, but its ties very different from the danville. So need more ties to make a choice.
  4. Thank you, I also have a thing for fish keeping and puffers in particular, no fugu lately but I am known to have a good burger from time to time. I do enjoy the classics and I scroll through many pictures and the amount of creativity is impressive. I have a few pictures of flies that, when I feel my skills are good enough, I will try. I have learned a lot but still have a lot to learn. I am a bruin fan, is it that obvious? I do have a few other teams I dont mind watching, looking forward to the Tahoe series this weekend. Definitly need an excuse to fish, as far as the photos go, I am using my Iphone XR, nothing special in the settings, I have cool white LED lights for my room lighting, and thats about it. This camera is definitly better at taking pictures than I am. Thank you, I do enjoy the coachman type, I do have plenty of materials for the coachman so it tends to show up a lot. I saw you like going after the brookies, my father showed me some pretty good spots and felt more like a hunting trip than a fishing trip, but catching those little jewels are worth it. Thank you, I didnt notice the introduction section, thank for moving it to the proper place and the compliment on my flies. Thank you, I hope to keep tying for a while, and I lurked a bit on the forum before joining, I do enjoy doing research and kept ending up here, so thought why not. Thank you all for the warm welcome, I hope to both learn and contribute,
  5. Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Matthew, I not new to forums nor fly tying, but new to a fly tying forum. I have been trying for a few years, mostly wet and dry flies tailored to my local waters. I have found myself with a barrel full of time, so I broke out my supplies and have been getting more into traditional salmon and steel head flies. I am a third generation fly fisher, I even use my grandfathers bamboo rod, which is honestly my favorite type of rod to use. I am from New England, born and raised. I hope to get on here and learn new things and try to hone my skills. My other hobbies are diverse, I enjoy NHL hockey, cooking, tinkering with things (I got banned from the tool box as a child because I had a tendancy to take things apart). I have two fish tanks, two reptiles, a cat who got into my house and refuses to leave, uncle to an adorable German Shepard puppy named Harlee. On to the flies, I do break rules when it comes to tying, usually for a different look or lack of a suitable material on hand. I am open to any tip, tricks, or suggestions. I have been working on wing mounting and throat work. Hope you all enjoy, ~Matthew
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