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  1. You got it. I've had more than a few stitches from my sheet metal days, so after a while you tend to ignore little events like yesterday - LOL
  2. No stitches thank goodness. Just not paying attention resulted in a bit of a gash on the tip of the thumb. As a retired sheet metal worker I can assure you this is no big deal - HA HA HA !!
  3. Hey Michael, Thanks for the kind words...much appreciated Yes the horns do cross. I tie them that way because it suits my eye and is the look I prefer as opposed to the style where they curl side by side high over the top of the wing. Just one of those personal things that we all do with our flies. Looks like I'll be taking an unplanned hiatus from tying. Yesterday when Linda and I were preparing dinner I sliced the end of my left thumb pretty good. The joys of liking to cook and always making sure my knives are SHARP!!🔪🔪 Cheers, George
  4. Well I finally finished the Torrish I've been working on. I never tied this pattern before and when I spotted it in Mike R's book of patterns I couldn't resist giving it a go. I am reasonably satisfied with it even though the wing sits a little lower than I might have preferred. The fly is still in need of some final preening, but as usual I just post something the way it came out rather than fussing and fooling around with it ad nauseum. Feel free to speak up folks!! Cheers, George
  5. You are staring to see the light Sandan. The finished fly is the sum of its parts as they flow together. Sounds like a Zen philosophy, but it is true🙂 That almond shape you see in so many classic married wing salmon flies is what you are trying to attain. Trying to get the ideas and techniques across via the printed word and still photos is difficult. Go to YouTube and write "tying classic salmon flies" in the search box. You will be amazed what pops up and the variety of types of flies. A wealth of information to be had!! The fly's strips from the bottom up are yellow, red & orange swan (turkey in this case, my swan supply is getting low) followed by Kori Bustard, Floeican Bustarn and Golden Pheasant tail. If I get off my lazy ass, I should finish the fly today or tolorrow and I will then post it here.
  6. No worries...never thought it was disrespecful. I figured it was about you and Bud. I adhere to the old adage on never discussing politics and religion...especially politics in this day and age😁
  7. I hope it is you and Bud arguing politics...because I DO NOT get into that...period !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks for encouraging him chugbug27...gotta get him motivated!! You don't happen to know Bud Guidry of Galliano, LA? One of the best tyers on the planet!! George
  9. Sandan - Here is the Torrish after the main wing and other various and sundry parts are in place. The purpose of these photos is to show you a certain shape to the wing that will work with the curve of the topping. The wing is still in need of some preening but you get the idea. Again...hope these help. Cheers, George
  10. It does take time to make things right. Case in point...the fly you see here had reached that moment when all that was needed was the topping and the horns. I sat and looked at it with a serious critical eye and realized I had become a fumbled finger twit. The wing was a mess. So...I simply removed it and will begin again over the weekend trying to improve on what I had just screwed up. No matter how long you do this there will always be those moments🤪 How have you made out looking for fellow classic tyers in your area?
  11. No surprise on the $$$$. Shipping from across the pond is usually pretty dear. That vise hasn't been on my radar anyway. At the going prices for these things i suppose none of them are anymore. With the vises I use I'm not suffering...so no worries.😁
  12. I know what the new FNF Talon lists for...but what is the ticket for the CAE?
  13. Yes...that is the plan. I happen to be one of those who prefers my wings lower over the body. There are others who prefer their wings set higher simply because that works for them. I'd suggest Googling "Torrish Salmon Fly", then clicking on images for Torrish Salmon fly. You will find all manner of shapes and variations by tyers from all over the place. I also do this for almost any and every fly I plan to tie. Just helps me understand what I may be trying to achieve on any given day. I was on the phone for a while with John McLain last weekend, and I told him about our working together via the internet. He suggested I let you know there are quite a few tyers of classics in your state of Colorado. My thoughts for you are to do the following...Go to your favorite fly shop and ask about others who tie classic salmon flies as well as ask about the possibility of any tying clubs in your area which just might help you connect with fellow classic salmon fly tyers. We are few and far between...but it is worth a shot.
  14. One thing more my friend. We discussed adding some shape/curvature to the wing. After a bit of a hiatus, I started a new fly the other day...a "Torrish". It calls for a White Tipped Turkey underwing. I do not wish to steal any of the fire from your post, but I decided to attach a quick hand held photo of that underwing to illustrate how the tip if the feather should as closely as possible match the curve of the tail. I will also try to achieve the same shape with the main wing. The fly is still in need of a little preening, but I hope this helps you to envision in your minds eye what you are trying to achieve. George
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