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  1. Definitely will be a gem when finished. I kind of like that lower sleek look for a fishing fly.
  2. Smart man!! I didn't have the balls to even try and these guys all did a great job.
  3. One of my all time favorite patterns...well done Norm!!
  4. Tried to send you a PM. Won't go through.
  5. Norm, I'm not familiar wit "stone ridge". Good luck with your tying adventure in the world of classic salmon flies!! George
  6. I was not aware of the situation with Dette and their blind eye hook status. Feathersmc always has them and my friend Gordeaux told me the other day he is working on another batch of hooks for McLain. As I said earlier, Stone River has the widest selection with their supply of Gaelic Supreme hooks. Good luck and the hook offer from me still stands.
  7. You're right about the digital editions online...but I just cannot sit and read my daily paper that way. I just don't spend that much time at my computer.
  8. Norm & Heff2 - The only sources I currently know for blind eye hooks are as follows... John McLain at feathersmc.com stoneriveroutfitters.com and detteflies.com I am a long time friend of McLain and can't say enough good about him, but Stone River has a great selection of Gaelic Supreme hooks. As far as size recommendation for starting out...anything from 1/0 to 3/0 in either the Pryce-Tannatt model of the Harrison-Bartleet model. Finally...if either one of you wish to PM me your address I'll be happy to send you a few hooks and the needed gut for the eyes. Heaven knows I have enough to spare. George
  9. As a long time tyer of classic salmon flies, I'll offer a few suggestions. First - Be patient. Learning to tie these flies is a marathon, not a sprint. Second - You obviously have the necessary skills to tie these flies, so all you need are the hooks and materials. Now, DO NOT worry about using subs. The real thing is way above the pay grade of virtually all of us and nobody I know who ties these flies looks down their nose at the use of subs. When deciding on a pattern, Google it and look at the various styles of the finished flies and use those images as a guide in your mind's eye for what you want to achieve in the vise. Assuming you have a copy machine, take the time to make photo copies of a few hooks and then use those correct/accurate size images and a pen or pencil to draw the basic configuration of what you're looking for. Believe me that helps a great deal when starting out. When it comes to hooks, try not to go too large. Stick with nothing larger 2/0 or 3/0 for now. That being said, somewhat smaller sizes will help you learn proportion and thread control. I could go on for pages, but if your interest is genuine then go for it. I truly enjoy tying these flies and I wish you well. Materials - I'd suggest John McLain at www.feathersmc.com Anything else you wish to know...don't hesitate to ask.
  10. It is not just my fishing magazine subscriptions. I stopped our local newspaper (Philadelphia Inquirer) a couple of years ago. When I saw the automatic charge for the year on my AMEX card of $785 (!!!!) for daily delivery, I said enough is enough. Add on the Wall Street Journal and I was paying $1300 + per year. Not any more...goodbye...don't need you.
  11. In the 60+ years I've been fly fishing, the best improvement in the sport has been...to over simplify...the quality of the tying materials & tools, graphite rods and Gore-Tex. Why are the magazines failing? Norm is right...they are just rehashing the same old same old. It is a standard belief in the "hook and bullet magazine" business that the readership turnover is about 80% to 90% every 3 years...so they can get away with what they do. If I find that rare piece that is of value I keep it. Other than that they are recycled. As subscriptions run out I don't bother to renew. Not going to continue to waste my money. Let's not forget that the internet is also a great influence in these changes.
  12. To answer that question, how did you get so many hooks.? That's easy...tying and tying materials are an addiction ❗❗❗
  13. The 12ga DU anniversary gun is a superb O/U. I loved my Ruger 12ga Gold Label SxS and if Ruger had made it in a 20ga I would have had one of that gauge as well. My 20ga SxS was a Winchester Model 23. One sweet piece and a pleasure in to carry in grouse country.
  14. For most trout fishing, the distances we fish are usually fine with a line heavier than marked. This becomes much more of a factor when reaching out for longer casts which begin to overload the rod.
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