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  1. Follow doctor's orders and you'll be back in the mix in no time.
  2. THAT is how a bronze mallard wing is supposed to look. Well done Norm!!
  3. Your work just keeps getting better and better Arthur. Well done indeed. What is the source of the pattern?
  4. Ya know Bruce...I think you're getting the hang of this spun deer hair thing - 😂 HAHAHAHAHA 👍👍 A real beauty!!!
  5. Interesting pattern that is well done. Glad to hear the eye exam went so well and none of those fun treatments.
  6. Been there, done that. I hope the eye exam went well 😎👍
  7. You are busy today Norm...and the results are lookin' good 👍👍
  8. 1454 or 1494? One way or the other a fine reel at a good price.
  9. Something about that "Blue Screamer" says fish catcher to me. Nicely done Norm 👍
  10. Your work is definitely on an upward curve Arthur. Nice job on a long time favorite of mine.
  11. Lookin' good Arthur...
  12. The tippet underwing is messy after too much fussing with the fly as I worked on it; the head got away from me...phew...ugly; what the photo does not show the main wing ain't too pretty either. I usually don't let these things go, but I was in too much of a rush I guess. And finally, I know there is no such thing as a perfectly tied fly.
  13. This is the version from George M. Kelson, The Salmon Fly, 1895 and J.H. Hale, How to Tie Salmon Flies, 3rd edition, 1930 There are other versions from Francis Francis, A Book on Angling, 3rd edition, 1876 and Herbert Maxwell, Salmon and Sea Trout, 1898. I'm not exactly thrilled with this tie, but I felt it is only proper to post the good as well as the not so good. 😁 I suspect it can be spruced up a bit, and I will give that a go to see what I can do. Tag: Silver Twist Tail: Topping, tippet and Indian crow Butt: Scarlet wool Body: Silver tinsel Rib: Oval silver tinsel Throat: Magenta and light blue Main Wing: Tippet, teal, peacock wing, golden pheasant tail, swan dyed red, yellow and blue, mallard above and a topping overall. Sides: Jungle cock Horns: Blue macaw Head: Black ostrich herl (optional)
  14. In a word Norm...sweet! 👍
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