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  1. Amazing variety of fish, circumstances, locations, etc. What makes the world of fly fishing so special. Great stuff guys!!!
  2. I was on one of many trips to Quebec for Atlantic Salmon, and in 2010 I told my friend and guide Jason my Atlantic Salmon bucket list still needed a fish on a dry fly after 36 years chasing those fish...and while I'd been close I still needed to take a fish of 20+ pounds. Then on July 3rd I was fishing "The Falls" beat on the Dartmouth River. After taking and releasing a couple of grilse in the first 1 1/2 hours of the day he suggested I try a dry fly in the Spring Rock pool. It was about 45 minutes later a fish rose and took the size #2 Green Bomber and the battle was on. Approximately 15 minutes later Jason hand tailed the fish. It was 39.5 " long,...21.5 " around the girth and according to the Atlantic Salmon Federation's "Salmo Meter" the fish was 22 pounds plus. I'd accomplished both of those bucket list items with one fish. Needless to say I was one happy guy...and yes the fish was released unharmed and I was done fishing for the day.
  3. I was a moderator on a now defunct site, and when I saw what was obviously spam from someone who "joined" the site I immediately removed and blocked them from the site. Before long they disappeared and moved their garbage elsewhere. I must assume the admin and moderators have the same power here...or they should.
  4. I hope the spammers below that have shown up here will soon be gone. I follow this part of the forum and these things showed up in my email this morning. PLEASE purge them from this site !!!!!!!!
  5. Thanks Guys. The wings are just made up of what I had on hand that were sort of coordinated in color. They are a combo of Macaw Coverts, dyed Guinea Fowl, and Red Indian Crow sub. The body is the usual silk floss, some ostrich herl for the butt and thorax as well as the antennas. That's pretty much it and what comes out of my brain every now and again. I should have something new to post very soon...but more in line with the classics.
  6. To steal a line from Monty Python's Flying Circus...and now for something completely different. This isn't my normal work, but a couple of years ago I decided to give this a go based on what I'd seen on a now defunct site. It was an interesting exercise to say the least. The one major faux pas is the triangular gap at the base of the wings...also know as a Toblerone Tunnel...just Google it and you will understand. Nevertheless I hope you get a bit of a charge out of something you might not normally expect from me.
  7. Hmmm...... Subs for JC make it difficult to really duplicate "that look" of the enameled eye. The feathers from a starling with the white dot can be dyed light orange then you simply put on a very thin coat of head cement or flex-a-ment and you are in business. There are other options of course...but don't ever believe the plastic things will ever work...just awful!!! The other alternative is dependent on your budget followed by your patience. I just looked on ebay and there are a fair number of necks just listed. They are somewhat picked over and can be had at what could/should be a reasonable price depending on the bidders in the auction. The problem is the large number of split eyes, and this is where your patience comes in. The eyes can be repaired rather well using either a fabric glue or a hot glue gun. Simply get the fibers aligned, add the adhesive of choice to the back of the feather and allow to dry. Voila...you have the real thing and while not super grade AAA perfect they make for fine looking fishing flies. Good luck!!!
  8. I just picked up on this thread...it surprised me as most fascinating. I have most of those shown here except the C&F and I use them all for different purposes. Just may have to try those C&F pliers though. They look super.
  9. Hmmm...nope I disagreešŸ˜ Atlantics return to the sea rehab themselves after the travels and troubles of running up the river and spawning. Pacific salmon as...we all know...all die after spawning. They may appear the same on the outside but they are quite different animals.
  10. My friend cphubert is right again. I will add comparing Pacific Salmon and Atlantic Salmon is the proverbial comparison of apple and oranges...not even close.
  11. Absolutely spot on "CP". You nailed this on timing, location, sources of materials, etc, etc, etc. Well said indeed!!
  12. Interesting question skeet3t. Atlantic Salmon have a reputation as extremely difficult to entice to take a fly...so over the years almost anything and everything has been tried to lure them to take. If you were to begin tying classic salmon flies among the first thing you'd buy in materials is red, orange, yellow, blue and green dyed goose, turkey or swan. Those 5 colors would cover you for about 90% or more of the patterns out there. Various colored seal's fur, silk floss, wool and other body materials. Exotic feathers like red Indian crow (sub), chatterer (sub), toucan (sub), golden pheasant, Amherst pheasant, etc, etc, etc...and that's just for the classics. You can add plenty more for the modern hairwing patterns too. So...is there a reason for this? I honestly don't know. They first fish I ever caught on a Muddler Minnow was a 10 pound Atlantic Salmon. Still haven't taken a trout on that fly. On a trip to the Tobique River in New Brunswick when it was still open and had a salmon run every fish I caught that week was on somewhat large various classic patterns. Go figure. Over the years I've taken them on drab patterns, tube flies, small flies, big flies. hairwings and classics of course. The bottom line to me...these fancy/flashy patterns are designed to catch fishermen. Yes they will catch fish, but they have to catch the fishermen and have them pay good money to buy your flies first. This should give you food for thought...and hopefully generate some conversation on the subject. George
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