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  1. I always enjoy seeing a pattern I'm not familiar with...especially when well tied like this one. Nice work on that hook too.....
  2. I'm not touching that one with the proverbial 10 foot pole. Let's just say you are probably right.
  3. I will not dispute Kelson's contribution to the world of classic AS flies...but I do smile to myself as I type that I believe he was a pompous ass.😁
  4. Kelson always provokes a reaction. Most, if not all of the classic salmon fly tyers I know think of him as a egotistical blowhard. Interesting book and flies...but the guy was just a little too full of himself for most tastes.
  5. YES!!! One excellent effort there.........
  6. First...I always click on "Notify me of replies" when either starting a new post or commenting on an existing one. Lately I have not been getting those email notifications of any comments or replies from others on the site. Has anyone else had this issue? George
  7. Thanks for the input guys. This was just curiosity for my part.
  8. I have a habit of perusing the various fly fishing/fly tying web sites from time to time to look for what's new and to see if there are any changes...which leads to the following question. Looking at the HMH site I was wondering...What is the difference between the Spartan and Standard vises? They look so similar. Cheers, George
  9. THAT is one fine effort!!!! George
  10. Thank you guys!! Your favorable comments are much appreciated.
  11. An old friend asked me if I would tie him a Jock Scott, and that was all I needed to get back over the vise after a period of "tyer's block". I am reasonably pleased with this one...and as usual it was photographed before final preening. The only sub in the fly is the toucan. The stuff I have is only mediocre and I find I actually prefer the appearance of the sub of dyed CDC feathers anyway. Feel free to offer up any thoughts folks. Cheers, George
  12. SalarMan

    Insect ID

    Bravo!!! And thank you.....
  13. SalarMan

    Insect ID

    I've attached a photo of an insect we've seen on our deck several times. It is actually 2 of the buggers caught in "the act". Anyone know what they are? I tried some internet research, but couldn't find anything that satisfied my curiosity. Thanks in advance for any insight. Cheers George
  14. I do like that HMH-TRV you're using. One fine vise!!!
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