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  1. Thank you both very much! @SalarMan I had not either, and it really caught my eye! But to be honest I don't think I have seen a single fly from Wayne Luallen that didn't strike a chord with me! 😂
  2. Fantastic tie, George! I think the wing tip taper gives a lovely flow to the back of the fly. That wing is daunting to say the least, you did an incredible job getting that GP to behave!
  3. 6/0 Baron tied for the upcoming PA Fly-fishing Museum auction in November. After picking up some great books from Bill, including a copy of the Radencich salmon fly book, I decided to tie this one following the Wayne Luallen dressing it contained. This was stretching my winging/horn materials to their limits, and I had to make some substitutions in the wing. Oh well, time to start searching for some bigger bustard!
  4. What a nice little beauty! Wing is tidy as it gets! Great tie, George! The Kreinik looks like a fantastic sub!
  5. Hey all, Life has been crazy lately and I am just getting around to posting a couple of recent ties. First, a Stevenson (Pryce-Tannat recipe) that I tied for a friend. Second, a ridiculous project that Val Kropiwnicki fittingly dubbed "The Mopham". After receiving some chartreuse Mop chenille from Soldarini Fly Tackle and marveling at how insanely dense and soft it was, I actually began to consider it as "prime" Mop chenille.... Realizing how ridiculous this concept seemed, I decided to take it a little further.... Balancing elements of class and trash; about as easy as setting a permanent topping curve in Mop chenille! 😂 Also a few hooks I recently handmade! Hope all has been well with the group! Looking forward to finding some time to look through the recent posts! Cheers, Connor
  6. Ukrainian colors themed Freestyle tied on one of my 7/0 handmade hooks. After a few hours with the master Tom Herr the other weekend at a local fly shop (Precision Fly and Tackle) , I couldn't wait to try out some of the tips and tricks he shared!
  7. Thank you all very much for the kind words and feedback!
  8. 🫣🤣 You had me going there for a second, George! Thank you so much!
  9. Oh I am always cranking out trout flies alongside projects like this!...also helps me justify owning multiple vise's! 😂 Here are a few recent ones! Thank you for the kind words!
  10. A fantastic design! I think the colors work very well with the gold, the throat really pulls it together for me! Lovely tying as always, George!
  11. That is definitely a fish catcher! Head looks great!
  12. Green Grass and High Tides I designed this fly and tied it on a lovely 7/0 Barleet Limerick hook that I received from Cosimo Raia . This marks one year that I have been tying salmon flies, and what a year it has been! Hope everyone has had a great start to their 2022!
  13. Thank you both very much! It means a lot!
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