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  1. Thank you. Funny how my internet searches didn’t turn those videos up. I guess that’s what I get for not using Google.
  2. Hey all, I’ve been seeing quite a few flies tied with those precut creature bodies from that Fly Skinz brand. I have some ideas for other bodies shapes I would like to cut for myself. I was wondering if anyone knows what material the Fly Skinz cutouts use, so I could pick some up from the craft shop? I know it’s not foam, and it seems to be plain for painting later.
  3. Thank you! I usually only fish river smallies when they’re spread out or hunkered deep, so I’ve never really experienced schooling Bass busting on baitfish. I suppose saying head first was the wrong way to put it. That’s just how my Dad used to always say it. I meant that bass, in the situations I’ve always fished them, aren’t tail nippers. I definitely still fish articulated patterns for bass — I just haven’t had them take the back hook often.
  4. It’s nice for changing in bite tippet for pike as well.
  5. A bit late, but I got a three pack of 20# Rio Bass leaders with some line I bought. I run them to a 3mm tippet ring and then put whatever tippet size I want from 8# to 15# on there. It works.
  6. I like the Peanut Envy, Brokeback Crawdaddy, and the Dungeon for articulated bass flies. I also tie an articulated Pats Rubber Legs type nymph with the creeper chenille I call the Articulated Slow Kid. I tie them with mono for the connecting loop. I haven’t had trouble with them coming apart or breaking. I’ve tested them by yanking on them with pliers as hard as I can, and they stayed together. The thread really digs into the thick mono, so it doesn’t budge. Bass aren’t like trout, though. They don’t strike short — they tend to take the fly head first, so a singular hook is more than enough. The only real point of tying articulated bass flies is if you like tying articulated flies. They might also be slightly wigglier. Here’s a pic of the articulated slow kid and the slow kid herself — my cat.
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