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  1. My Dad. We were staying on vacation in North Carolina and he was teaching me so we could try and get some browns in a river. I was about 8 or 9 though I am still a kid so this was probably 5 years ago. Right by the river there was this very small pond but it was loaded with panfish. We had some san juan worms and I probably caught 30 panfish. It was the perfect spot to learn.
  2. It can have thread and could be a soft hackle but try to make it as complex as possible with as little materials as possible.
  3. Tie a fly with one feather, or one of whatever unit the material is in. If you want to, try to catch a fish on it. Be resourceful, for example you could use the softer part on the bottom of a hackle feather and dub it.
  4. While were at it why don't we argue over the egg sucking leech! edit: double post please delete
  5. While were at it why don't we argue over the egg sucking leech!
  6. Come to think of it the wooly bugger has never gotten so much as a strike for me but i dont fish them much
  7. Here's my first attempt at a damselfly
  8. I'm gonna get my first rotary vise soon and am looking at the Renzetti Traveler 200. Would this be a good choice and if so should I get the clamp or pedestal base? If not what are some other suggestions? Heres the vise: https://www.reelflyrod.com/renzetti-traveler-2000-series-vise.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwlID8BRAFEiwAnUoK1T5tbdU9kEihZr0irKHqWMi9TBfMTPyI4Wy8jkFRsiHN_LC_Rx6HxhoCEhcQAvD_BwE
  9. I actually love carp and am going to try for some tommorow.
  10. These are my first woven patterns. The first is a caddisfly and the 2nd is a caddis larva. Any ideas for where I could go with these?
  11. This is a little fly I've been working on. It is mostly a decorative fly but I may fish it. Recipe: Thread: olive green Hook: size 10 or 12 wet fly hook Tail: peacock sword tips Tinsel: copper Back of body: Olive green dubbing Wing: guinea fowl Front of body: Light green dubbing
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