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  1. Kimo this will 100 percent catch countless fish!
  2. Thats exactly how i approached it. I ties some good looking soft hackles and wet flies because I want to send him more and dont want them to look like crap.
  3. My family may be going to Cosby, Tn in around four weeks for a 4 day vacation. If we do go what flies should I plan on tying up. The area has one large creek and many small streams feeding into it so my first though would be brook trout flies but does anyone have a more precise idea? Thanks.
  4. Maybe if this post gets enough responses they'll notice.
  5. I live in Georgia and was wondering what some good flies to throw to bass around this time of year are.
  6. I almost always use my computer but it does this on my phone too.
  7. This website has had a glitch for me over the past 2 weeks where i have to exit a post to change what page of the post I am on. This has been particularly annoying for the August flies post. Has anyone had this happen before who can help.
  8. Sorry about the lighting I can have better pictures later though.
  9. Yes, I would love to spread the news of it.
  10. I have a friend who lives in the state college area and he is just getting into fly fishing. What are some good trout flies for that area I could send him.
  11. Update 2 I've now caught over 25 fish on this fly which my friends and I have branded the Aldeeny.
  12. I've used guinea fowl feather for my soft hackle.
  13. Update, I did hit the water with y friend and caught quite a few bream such as the 8 incher pictured. I will be tieing some more of these to try and catch some more bream on my 4wt.
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