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  1. question Are "international reply cupongs" accepted ?
  2. Flies arrived and what a awesome set - thanks for hosting and thanks to everybody for nice tying - this was fun. Best regards Ostfyn
  3. Huuuuuuuu I´m late - but finaly in the mail and if the mailman has some tailwind they are just in time Looking foreward ti receive some great flies in return. Best regards Ostfyn
  4. i think that the quality of the jaws may differ from one vice to another. I teach a class where som off my students use Danvice, and they worked fine, so I bought one, but after a few months I had problems with the jaws. The main problem is the way you place the hook, but second you may have a set off weak jaws, and therefore you need to replace them through your supplier. I still use my Danvice, but i just bought a new Regal Rotating vice to deal with more delicate hooks. Best regards Ostfyn
  5. My choose of pattern are "Takayama Sakasa Kebari" and in the color green.
  6. I saw this movie yesterday and I think it was god - It vas a little difficult to discover what the fly looked like, and it vas quite surprising that it was meant for "frog fishing". It was a god experience and I am prepared to watch some more movies to get to the bottom of this subject.
  7. Thank you every body - My idea is to tie up some flies for framing and i believe that this could be fun. I hope that it ends up with a dozen of patterns ore so.
  8. Some flies got them selves a role in the movies. In "A river runs through" the "Bunyan Bug" is on the role list and in "Twin Peaks" the "Green butted skunk" is appearing. If any of you can come up with more examples I will be grateful. Ostfyn
  9. Hi everybody In the mail - don't know when they are in the USA, but usually in a few days. And by the way - i tied some "Blody Butchers" for you. Ostfyn
  10. Hi Evan I am in - Pattern not desided yet. Ostfyn
  11. Hi Will My cap just arrived - and it is a beauty :pimp: Regards Ostfyn
  12. Payment and PM sent Regards Ostfyn
  13. I would like a L/XL in Olive if avalible - alternatively brown - Blue in that order. Best regards Ostfyn
  14. Hi everybody I resceived a great selection of flies from C Teeter, and I am looking foreward to use them during this season (opening day 16 January) It was fun - Thank you for hosting again Bent Flyrod Ostfyn
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