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  1. Great looking flies, really like the phesant and peacock.
  2. vices

    In the chatroom ..

    I'm in the chatroom for awhile.. if anyone cares to shoot the :poop: :cheers:
  3. vices

    Happy Easter

    If he starts pooping out chocolate, we will know for sure.... :hyst: theres only way way to be sure it is chocolate.. :hyst: good luck .. :cheers:
  4. vices

    Happy Easter

    Ohhhh my .. how am I gonna break it to the kids... a cute lil black lab ate the easter bunny .. :bugeyes: Happy easter all, hope you an yours all the best .. :cheers:
  5. vices

    Upside down tomatoes!!

    Are they still upside down tomatoes if i pick them doing a handstand... ? Seems like a good idea, I live in an appartment , this could help me get a lil more out of my space .. never heard of it before this thread.. thanks for posting . :cheers:
  6. Hmmm I got a few for this thread.. First one that comes to mind is doing a hand stand off the side of a moving truck.. I was doing pretty good, think we hit a bump or something.. messed things up a lil .. hit my face twice off the tire and rolled till i hit the curb on the other side of the street .. nothing broken but i was sore for a week an had two black rubber tatoos for 2 weeks (cheekbone an jaw line) .. Amazing what seems to be a good idea givin some liquid influence an some bordem.. :devil2: :drunk: :crutch: :cheers:
  7. :hyst: :hyst: <-------------this post is older than me.. :cheers:
  8. vices


    This is a pretty interesting lil questionaire.. :cheers:
  9. Nice looking flies.. i usually just use a slingshot for them big boys an real em back in .. haha .. I think they will do the trick.. they would work here no doubt.. :cheers:
  10. vices

    In the chatroom ..

    In the chatroom for awhile, if anyone's bored
  11. vices


    Welcome to the forum.. :cheers:
  12. vices

    In the chatroom ..

    In the chatroom for awhile ..
  13. I use it.. just got in touch with a few guys i havent seen since highschool, pretty cool lil system.. I'll have to check out the flytying group.. :headbang: :cheers:
  14. vices

    In the chatroom ..

    In the chatroom for abit if anyone feels like b'sin ..
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