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  1. Skip, I love those poppers. They look like bass magnets. You are more than a great flytyier, you are a great father. You have raised a hero, and that is something to be proud of. I will remember your son in my prayers. Please thank him for all of us for making the sacrifice he did. Hope your son can find some time to relax and enjoy casting a line now and then. George
  2. I already have one desk, and don't thing the wife would appreciate another one. Mr. Steelhead, I haven't seen you since we met at Bass Pro tying classes last year. How's it going? My friend from PGH went to Erie last weekend (13-14) and hooked up with a dozen steelies, landed 3. He said the water was low and a good rain will bring many more in. I am teaching a series of fly tying classes at a local church and several of the guys want to plan some trips to Erie this fall. Are you ready? How has your health been? I know you had some difficulty since your accident. Conehead AKA George
  3. About 10 years ago I was wading a warm water stream by my house. I was spin fishing with crayfish hoping to catch smallmouth. My hook snagged on something. I walked over and used my foot try and un-snag the hook. I ended up lifting what I thought was a log (waist deep water) and then say what I thought was a propeller covered in mud, and weeds. Sure enough it was a 2 HP outboard motor. Took it home washed it off, gave it 3 pulls and it started up and ran for about 30 seconds. I changed the gas and tuned it up and have been using it on my canoe ever since. And that's the truth, you should have seen my fishing partner's face when I held it up and said, "Look what I caught" Conehead
  4. You all remember when Ashby sent those pictures of the camel spider he captured. Several of you even tied flies using it as a pattern. Here is a link back to the post http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?sho...hl=camel+spider Here is a story about a UK soldier who brought one home and it killed the dog Conehead A British soldier's family have been scared out of their own home by a dangerous spider who bit their pet dog to death. The Griffiths are fighting the war at home against the giant arachnid, who was unwittingly transported back from Afghanistan in paratrooper Rodney's luggage. They have already lost their beloved eight-year-old dog, Bella, to the camel spider. The family pet had to be put down after being bitten by the venomous attacker. Lorraine Griffiths and her three children, aged 18, 16 and four, have been forced to leave their family home in Colchester, Essex. They are now refusing to return to the property until the killer spider is captured by the RSPCA. Found in desert regions, camel spiders can grow up to 6 inches and reach speeds of up to 10 mph, making them devils to catch. Lorraine Griffiths believes the spider hitched a ride into the U.K. in the personal belongings of her husband. Rodney, 32, came home from duty in Helmand in June. He has since returned for a further tour of duty in Afghanistan.
  5. Happy wife, Happy Life! Conehead
  6. When I am going to be tying while out of town (using my hotel time), I try to estimate just how much time I will be tying and figure what patterns and how many I can tie in the given time. I will only take the materials I cwill use for the patterns I will tie. I may only tie 6 dozen flies an a short trip, with 2 dozen flies in 3 patterns. This way I don't have to pack a lot of materials. Now If I am going on a weeks fishing trip, I take a kit that has a little of everything, because I never know what I might want to tie. Just my 2 cents worth. Conehead
  7. We fished the Broadhead in the Pocono area and found a lot of those stone fly nymphs. That was the first time I ever saw them in PA as well. They are big bugs and very colorful. Conehead
  8. Could you make the program work on my Dell PDA? Conehead
  9. conehead

    Is this common?

    Big E, Thanks, I had a frustating day and needed that second post about the goose. You made my day; now go make my dinner. Conehead
  10. conehead

    Flytyer mag

    I have had several subscriptions over the years, and now only subscribe to one "Eastern Fly Fishing" It focuses more on waters (east of the Mississippi) and how to fish them, as well as giving you the most popular or two fly recipies. They cover Canada down to Florida. I have been able to fish more places, with a head start when hitting the water. Conehead
  11. Nice set up Big E. I have a light and magnifier like that one. Now you have no excuse, you need to tie up those #22, #24, and #32 midge flies. You got the light and you got the magnification. The way I see it, your wife wants you to tie more flies and go fishing more often. Conehead
  12. Happy Birthday Oatka, For your birthday I thought I would send you a picture of me. enjoy Conehead PS: You have to provide you own frame
  13. I have been doing some research on kayak fishing, check out these samon sharks in AK. Conehead PS: enjoy Brave fishermen set a new world first when they went hunting for sharks using simple rods and paddling in kayaks. The extreme sportsmen shunned the traditional idea of a peaceful day's fishing when they rowed into the freezing shark-infested waters off Alaska. The daring team of four were surrounded by 200 to 300 salmon sharks which were up to nine feet long and weighed between 400 and 1,000 lbs. They baited their Avet 50 reels with large pieces of salmon, and managed to catch four of the sharks during their intrepid expedition near Hinchinbrook Island. Captain Christopher Mautino said: "Sharks were thrashing around in the near distance and we couldn't help but wonder what was in store. "They attack salmon just like great whites attack seals. "They thrash around and jump completely out of the water. "It is quite violent and impressive to watch." Describing the expedition in July he added: "As I dropped the salmon down, feelings of 'what am I doing?' came over me. "I could see the sharks, which looked to be the same size as the kayaks." The fishermen, who come from the American Ocean Kayak Fishing Team, spent an hour or more tackling each of the sharks they caught and reeling them in. Two of the creatures were hauled in to the Prowler 13 kayaks and a further two were released again. Mr Mautino added: "I intentionally kept the trip under wraps until everyone returned home in one piece - and we have. "None of us knew what to expect since this was the first time we had fished together as a group as well as the first time a kayaker had fished for Salmon Sharks." The team, which also included Allen Sansano, Chris Mautino and Allen Bushnell were taken by a Pacific Mountain Guides charter boat across Prince William Sound to the back of Hinchinbrook Island. "We are all experienced anglers and kayakers so either as a whole or individually, we felt confident in our personal abilities and limits," said the captain. "The sharks were concentrating on feeding on the Pink Salmon and I really don't think they gave us a second thought. "We slow trolled the bait behind the kayaks with the rods laying across our laps. "Our biggest concerns were staying upright in the kayaks and keeping from getting tangled up in the gear and pulled over as well. "There were so many sharks thrashing around us it was crazy. Even while fighting these fish, others were crashing the surface only feet away." The group's four sharks were thought to weigh between 375 and 350 pounds and were an average of 7ft 10ins in length. "We all agreed that nobody caught the biggest one, and they were all relatively the same," said Mr Mautino. "This has been my long term goal since coming to Alaska, and now its complete."
  14. Hey Green Acres, For that swap, I would hate to see what you would tie using a #1/0 6x hook. That would be one nasty fly.
  15. Boy, that will break you of the habit of sticking the fly in your mouth until you cut and tie the tippet. Conehead
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