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  1. Guys, thanks so much. I haven't tied at all lately... a lot going on. We were blessed 4 weeks ago with our first baby! A healthy little girl. There were some unexpected complications where mom had a dangerous and lengthy stay in the hospital, but she's just now getting home. We are just now starting to get settled. I saw Paul's private message this morning and thought I'd sign on. I tell ya... things really get put in perspective when something like this hits you. I look forward to get back tying and being a contributor here but it make take some months yet. I've got the tying bug, I've just got to find the right time to get back to the vise. I got an order of Clear Cure Goo in today from Brian - hydro and the tack free brushable. I can't wait to get back to the poppers! Thanks again guys. It means a lot for you to think about me especially when I've been absent for so long. Jeff
  2. I got an e-mail from breambuster today about the swap. It sounds like a great idea. I'll let you know in the next couple of days if I'm in or not. Thanks for the invite.
  3. Good start, Mark. As you do more of these, you'll learn little tricks that work well for you. The only thing that can really teach that is experience. I'm still learning as well. You're off to a fine start... and it looks like you're getting them wet too.
  4. My favorite has become Loctite Super Glue Ultra Gel. http://www.loctiteproducts.com/p/sg_ug_cntrl/overview/Loctite-Super-Glue-ULTRA-Gel-Control.htm I haven't had any problems using it on foam.
  5. I've caught a few of those! Haha! I know you cajun's 'll eat anything!
  6. Jeff, you've come a long way! Lookin' good, buddy. Lookin' good!
  7. Thanks for sharing, Kirk. Are the cichlids a "good-eatin'" fish? They look like they have a lot of meat on them... I bet they put up a nice fight.
  8. Dart

    Prayer please

    Done deal, Mark. Take care and travel safely.
  9. That's a delicious looking diver!
  10. Whoa! Very nice indeed!
  11. I appreciate the offers guys, no need to tie an extra for me. I actually wasn't even looking for an invite. How about I just tie one up for each of you with nothing expected in return. I'll get them in to the SM by the due date. I still owe a couple people a few poppers, so I need to get back to the vise anyway. Cheers! Jeff
  12. DOH! I just saw this. As some of you know, I live in Tuscaloosa, AL... so I've been distracted as of late. I haven't been keeping up with the board as I would like. You guys have some great swappers, I look forward to seeing the pics!
  13. I just ordered some CCG to test out. I went out on the water yesterday and tested some poppers. Balsa bodies and wapsi perfect popper bodies coated with the DecoArt DuraClear Varnish (4 coats) lasted about 20 fish. Once it starts to go, it peels fast. If I'm going to put the time into prepping a body and painting it and dressing it, I want it to last as long as possible. I can NEVER find the 30 minute epoxy around here, so decided to try the CCG. If anyone has an online source for Devcon 30 minute epoxy, let us know. It appears they no longer make the 90 minute.
  14. Dart

    Lime Popper

    Thanks guys. And Kirk, I wouldn't ever mess up one of Ron's popper heads by attempting to tail it.
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