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  1. Moskito, Thanks for the reply. I figured I might give it a try and see how things work. I just think tying their patterns are so easy. -Evan
  2. sweet, Moskito, have you personally tried this technique? -Evan
  3. Hey guys, Was wondering if anyone has tried this for trout. I know people mostly use it for grayling but have also heard trout being caught on this technique as well. If anyone would want to share any other information on it, it would be greatly appreciated. -Evan
  4. Michigan, I live in CT. Fishing is excellent and well I don't hunt much so I can't really answer you on that. But check out www.ctfisherman.com another great board with mostly people from CT or have lived here. -Evan
  5. Thanks a bunch Ridderbos3. Thanks everyone... and these people have had good feedback i'm guessing? -Evan
  6. actually, i'm looking for them for the rainbow warrior seen here: http://utahoutdoors.com/pages/rainbow_warrior.htm teinoeon, When I went to the website you suggested i got a kayak site? AA, I also got some of those 2 but I find they just don't cut it! GRR... -Evan
  7. Anyone know where I can get pearl glass beads? Online would be best. And yes I have tried the loacal craft store. -Evan
  8. thanks SD, i'll look into it. -Evan
  9. I was just wondering what you guys use on your 5 wt.s Gonna purchase one soon and wondering what reel to put on it. Thanks in advance. -Evan
  10. Mozes, Try pink estaz eggs and glo bugs... Also any real egg pattern... good luck and tell me how you do! -Evan
  11. 16" From 4 ft wide stream. On a BH pheasant tail. -Evan
  12. Fisherman4

    I'm Back

    Hey Guys and Girls, I'm back. Sorry for being gone so long. I've been busy lately... I know you guys missed me. lol Well i'm back just to let everyone know. -Evan
  13. Will, Really sorry to hear about your accident... Have a speedy recovery! -Evan
  14. Ridderbos, I love the floating Jighead fly... Use the jigheads all the time for walleye fishing... -Evan
  15. Hey guys, Looking into buying some ice dubbing for some steelhead flies I plan to tie shortly... Just wondering what type you use? So let's hear it. -Evan
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