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  1. Carver

    July 4th Pictures

    Beautiful shots Stony! You gotta love the Cuts! Paul
  2. My thoughts are with you and your brother. Paul
  3. Not enough mess! Looks good to me though. How do find any thing when its not all over the top of you desk? :dunno: Paul
  4. It looks good to me. I prefer a thiker hackle colar on mine, but thats, just me. Paul
  5. I think what your talking about is the Catskill style of fly. If you learn to tye one you can tye them all, the only difference is the color and size variations. Hope this answers your question. Paul
  6. WOW! Those are some great shot Chris. Did you have the good fortune to wet a line? Paul
  7. Welcome to the gang, as you can see, we're a very forgiving bunch! Paul
  8. It's not a shooting head, it is a single fly line. Chase is right the body is a floating line and the last 15-25 feet are interchangable. I have five tips: floating, clear intermediate, slow sink(3 in/sec), mid sink(5 in/sec), and fast sink (7 in/sec). I think it's worth it's weight in gold! Paul
  9. I use the Rio Interchange on my 8wt and love it! It came with 5 tips. It casts like a dream and and is very easy to change via loop to loop conection. Buying this sort of line is cheaper than buying the extra spool and a second line pluse you end up with effectivly 5 lines. Hope this helps. Paul
  10. Carver


    Welcome to the club and your new obsesion! There is a welth of information here so feel free to ask any questions you can come up with. Paul
  11. Carver

    Great Joke

    :hyst: :hyst:
  12. Glad you found us John! Welcome to the club! Paul
  13. Carver

    Trout Photos

    I feel better now that I've seen those! It's no wonder I love to catch those beautiful creatures! Paul
  14. Bud I work with these people every day and one thing I have learned is that while you have morals and a consiance(sp) they do not! They will do things that you could never imagine. If they think that you are between them and the next fix yo8u are infact in grave danger! I aplaude what your doing just be carefull my friend! Paul
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