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  1. Hello as a memeber here I would like to invite all of you to the Kayakbassfishing.com site, we are a good bunch of folks fishing for warm water species, and lots of monthly prizes, and fun. Im talking free kayaks, paddles, fishing rods, reels, etc, you name it they give it away. we have a wonderful new Fly Fishing section, and I am the moderator Fly Tyer of the Year there, and welcome all of you to come join us. I am presently doing a New Tyer Contest inquiry with HMH, to sponsor a New Vise, and we have monthly Tying Contest which Fishpond, sponsors and gives up some very nice prizes. Come join in on the fun!!!!!! :yahoo:
  2. No apologies nessary I just couldnt figure out why it didnt post the first time, guess it was to big so I changed the kbs and then it posted. Thanks for all your suppport, I really am having fun tieing flies and am starting to fly fish with my hubby. You see I have two failed shoulder surgeries which left me unable to through the spin caster and the Zero G has been a life saver since I have fished since I was a little girl, and love the sport so. Fly fishing is much more fun and a lot more scerene. Tite lines everyone.
  3. :ripped: :wallbash: Okay what the heck or should I say where did that fly go, here I will try this again. Here it goes here is the first fully dressed Salmon fly Ive tied.
  4. Tina__s_Cricket_Pattern.docHere's a fishable Cricket i made up.
  5. Here is a pic of my first realistic tie.
  6. Sounds like one of those Ill send you a 1000.00 check and you cash it at your bank and send me 150.00. I got you and you didnt even know it scams. :ripped:
  7. The glass web is like a really fine Ultra fine flash, use it where ever you need extra flash but not so much as to detract from the pattern. Love their dubbing too, great big bags of it and you wont be sorry.
  8. The Glass web is like a real fine Micro Flash, I use it a lot in the tying of minnow imatations, and other flies that need that extra sparkle but not too much.
  9. I have gotten some inquireies from a couple of magazines now and am just waiting to see what they do with it, will let you all know when it comes in. Thanks for the help, and support.
  10. I would like to thank all of you who have given me suggestions of the pattern and what might help to establish where the fly came from, I am in the process of contacting several editors of the fly and we will see if it gets a look. It may not and if it doesnt oh well i tried to keep the big money man at bey. Thanks
  11. If you look to the right of this fly tying desk here is a photo of the tying Flashbou go round my husband made me.
  12. :dunno: I didnt ask to patent the fly or make money from the fly, that is exactly what I dont want is for some monetary bum to get a hold of the pattern and go i designed this fly and I want to sell it. I just want to make sure that doesnt happen when I put the pattern out there. I am willing to share the pattern to those willing to sit down and tie it, it does produce a variety of fish, and I am not a fly tying machine, nor do I need the money for a patent. I just dont want someone elese turning it into a money maker when the fly tiers and fisherman are the ones that would suffer. Do you all understand now? :wallbash:
  13. :headbang: I use all of their products and love them , they carry very good productsand the prices can not be beaten, yes they are a small at home manufacturer, and yes they do get behind sometimes but they usually make it up to you if that happens. As a new fly tier I try to keep enough supplies on hand to always have some exspecially the synthetics that wont get brittle, like the feathers do sometimes. The dubbing is excellent, all of them, and their synthetics are wonderfull to like I said I use and have all of them, in every color and consistancy, so if you have questions on a material they carry and what you are going to use it for I would be glad to answer any questions.
  14. Very Nice do you have any plans for that maybe I could get my husband to build me one yeah right, I would have to do it hes too busy fishing, while I tie his flies.
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