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Found 4 results

  1. Well this was absolutely one of my favorite times out on the water. With my new favorite small stream rod. After I got used to the rod, it became deadly accurate, and it was rather light, which is a combo rarely seen with fiberglass rods. Even though we didn't catch much the first night, it was rather peaceful being out there, knowing we had a good day ahead of us. Well I take that back, we didn't really know because the weather was calling for some thunder and lightning storms. I don't mind fishing the rain, but last thing I want to do is be out in a lightning storm, waving around a rod. But we got lucky, and the next day was not too bad. We got some really nice fish and went on an adventure though a back country creek, which honestly I thought was too skinny to hold fish. But sure enough they were there! However this afternoon was not bad fishing to say the least, and we saw some great sites. I have passed by this creek many times, and always wondered how the fishing was. So thank you Jeff for showing me this little secret. It really is a natural wonder just like all of the Colorado small creeks through this amazing range of the Rocky Mountains!
  2. If you like high mountain creek fishing, and dry fly fishing, this is the video to watch! Incredible action on the fly rod. Every fish was hooked on a dry fly, and it seemed like for a while I couldn't keep them off my line. The best producer of the day was an Elk Hair Caddis, which you can see how to tie that here... https://youtu.be/rF4yLJKqNPo So one of the brook trout was so dar, it was almost black at parts, and had a deep black mouth. Amazingly beautiful! In fact, almost all of the fish caught were very colorful! The most colorful brookies ive seen to date! Just amazing! Also Jeff had some luck further down stream and got a few rio grand cutthroat! Amazing day for all of us. So this small 6pc pack rod is amazing! I love it! Its the Redington Classic Trout, and its a 3wt. Its nice to have such a compact rod for hiking back country. It fits great in a small backpack, and has some great action for these small creeks. If your interested in checking this out, here is a link to my review on this rod. https://youtu.be/0cgyGcBfbvM
  3. I finally was able to get some small creek action on my new 7'6" 2wt fly rod. It was truly amazing to be able to site fish these beautiful little fish. Granted, they were small, but size isn't everything, at least thats what I tell myself... HAHA So this really was one of the prettiest places I have ever been. The video really does not do it justice, but it was amazing! Beautiful mountains surrounding a small meandering creek, with tall grasses and brush cluttering the banks. I really could not have asked for a more amazing setting. The fact that the fish were so eager to hit the dry fly was truly an amazing thing. This was the first time I had ever fished where the dry out fished a nymph. I was really happy I got some this early in the season on my grasshopper pattern that I call "Mini-Me".
  4. On Saturday I made a trip out to a stream that most people from around here wade in on the hot summer days. I know this stream to hold fish and quite a bit of them as well. We left at 11:00 and drove 30 min to the stream. It was super windy with a cold front moving in later in the week so this was my best opportunity to try and get some fish. It was 8oC (46o Fahrenheit) so not that warm. I knew that not much was going to hatch so it was going to be a nymph day. The thing with this creek is that the fish don't hold in the main waters, they hold in the side channels that are deep and barley move. Those channels also have to have fallen brush along the edges and must be at least 4-6 feet deep. We walked along the creek making crosses whenever we could. we would come up to a pool and just stand back and look in to see if anything was swimming around and if we saw at least two then we know that there is more hiding. We would stop and make casts and watch them come up and inspect the fly before taking them. We fished about 3 pools and caught lots. Though not super large fish they are still really fun to watch take the fly. Through out the course of the day we saw nobody along the banks. After I had caught lots of fish my grandfather said to me "Enough of watching you have all of the fun, it's my turn." I then gave him my rod and watched him light up as he caught fish as well. We decided that we had been gone for awhile and made the wade/hike back and along the way we past a prime pool that i had to make at least a cast in. On the first cast a large male came and hit the fly, it ran and jumped all over the little pool and nearly got hung up on some of the underbrush. I managed to get him in and get a few pics before releasing him back. That was also the last day that i could fish the streams hear because they all close soon. So a great season ender. (Some of the pictures were taken with my technologically challenged grandfather so sorry for the bad pics in advance.) Thanks for reading, Braden
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