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Found 6 results

  1. hi everyone, I've been doing a bit of research on what the hardest fighting freshwater fish in the world is, pound for pound. and everyone seems to have a different opinion. some say mongolian taiman, others say golden mahseer, and some say natal yellowfish, and there are many, many more opinions out there. Ive caught a couple of natal yellowfish, and tend to agree that these things fight SUPER hard. I've caught 30 inch trout, massive carp, and 6lb bass. but, pound for pound the yellowfish does seem to fight much harder. what do you think?
  2. Looking for help on the prime forage fish in most of our local lakes and ponds. Trying to get the right color combo's and layers. Attached is a picture from a fisheries biologist but this is a pretty large size compared to most of the real minnows I have observed. Would enjoying seeing some pictures or recipes. I have experimented but I am not satisfied with results thus far. Many thanks
  3. So, I got hacked once again, sorry I am not able to put the link to this fly on my website, but thats because I cannot use my website anymore. So this fly will just be the youtube link with less info, sorry guys! This fly is really simple and easy to tie, but gives great results. Its very flashy, and will be seen even in murky water. You can tie many of these quickly due to only taking a few minutes each. The materials also don't hold much water, and therefor will be easy to cast. All of the materials I used today can be bought for very little money from fly tiers dungeon. With the exception of the adhesive, thread and hook, the materials cost less than $5, but will allow you to tie many many of these flies. Hook: Gamaktasu SS15 size 2 Thread: Ultra Thread 70 (brown/olive) Body Wrap: Tinsel Twist (olive) Tail Flash: Northern Lights (olive) and Pearl Web (hot white) Dubbing: Bull Frog (BWO) and Starburst (olive) mixed together Eyes: 3D eyes size 4mm Eye Adhesive: Fletch Tight Knot Adhesive: Hard as Hull
  4. Hi All, First off, thank you for allowing me access to the Forum. I am a total virgin at fly tying at the ripe old age of almost 70. I did a little fly fishing in California about 55 years ago, in fact, I will be using the same rod and reel to begin again! I bought a Gander Mountain beginner's kit and have tied about 15 flies, so far. (Some pretty good and some very questionable). Texas fishing licenses expire on August 31st every year and I refuse to pay full price for a license that I will have to renew in a month and a half! So, in the meantime, I will be tying flies. I want to get a Kayak and chase down some good Bluegill holes (with an occasional Bass thrown in). I look forward to viewing what you all have done and 'stealing' some of your ideas. Tim Cammisa put on to this forum, so, if I bomb out, you can blame it on him! Texas is not known for fly fishing. We have the Gulf saltwater folks and the bait casting, plastic worm, crank bait folks after Black Bass. Oops, almost forgot the abundance of Striper/Sand bass people, however, they are mostly limited to spring time spawning runs. Anyway, I hope to turn a few folks on to the fun of fly fishing, where even a good sized Bluegill is a thrill! Best wishes to all, Roland
  5. SWAP CLOSED I know I'm going to regret this boys and girls.... But I've been teaching myself some stacking lately.... and I notice that there are a few members here with some skill.... So..... You know where this is going, don't you.. Stacked hair swap. You know you want to.... any pattern, salt or fresh, so long as there is a stacked hair component. I don't care what you stack with,... whether you use deer hair, moose, synthetics or whatever floats your boat. This will take some time, so.... due date JULY 31. International swappers as always are welcome, as are beginners through to experts. I want a max of 10 swappers and myself, but regardless we'll cap it so that we only tie one fly for each member (so if we only get 5 and me, then we'll only tie 5 flies each). Clear as mud? SM - deer hair and zonker mullet (FINISHED) 1. Joseph Russel - Dave's Hopper ARRIVED! 2. JasonV - Salmon bomber - ARRIVED (wow!) 3. Vicrider - Muddler - ARRIVED (woot) 4. Eastern fly - Beautiful sliders - ARRIVED (stunning ties) 5. Dorado - Goddard caddis - ARRIVED!! 6. Adam Saarinen - fire ass - ARRIVED (WOOT) Of course we need to consider return postage. The cost is usually about $10.50 australian, but can be more or less depending on weight. I can accept US dollars, and tend to use this in other swaps to cover return postage home, or if you have access, I also use paypal. For which I can send details when the time comes to sort postage.
  6. Dear Anglers from the Fly Tying Forum It has passed long time since I posted my last thread in this iexcellent Forum. First at all I want to give you my best wishes for all of you and your beloved ones in these Holidays. This time I bring for you my last video to show some of the Fly-Tails I was tying in the last weeks. I will use major part of these Fly-tails as a complement to my Attilas (own made spoonfly) and have more fun in my fishing. I have tied different colours combination with the purpose to have many alternatives to choose at the moment when I’m following a catch. It is true that colours and weather conditions go together. Then, depending on day light, water colour, and the specie that I am looking for, I will use different combinations. As I said, before to get wet many of these Fly-Tails will be set together with my Attilas (you can watch my Attila Spoonfly in my Youtube Channel to understand what I meant). I’m sure, I will enjoy a lot doing captures with these Fly-Tails and my own lures. Here in Peru, is very strange to see an angler fishing with his own lures/flies/etc. The materials I have used were: - Saltwater hook Eagle Claw Octopus 4/0 and Mustad #8 - For the heads: Deer hair (tail and belly) colours: White, Black, Yellow, Chartreuse, Fl. Hot Pink, Fl. Light Blue, Fl. Orange, Purple, Red, Blue - Artificial Craft fur: almost same colours as Deer Hair - Coloured threads - White Krystal Flash for bodies - Coloured Krystal Flash for sides and back - In some Fly-Tails I used feathers for the heads, to give more volume and movement I hope you like this video and your suggestions and comments are welcome. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Antonio Here is the link to my video: Saltwater & Freshwater Fly-Tails Arsenal
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