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  1. I was fishing size 6 firehole streamer hooks (811). They're a great hook but after about half a dozen or so they started to get the better of it.
  2. Thanks mate, Goes by the name of Sooty Grunter. The gold and bronze hues on these guys are spectacular and they are a fantastic tropical freshwater target here in Australia.
  3. Yeah Mike. They fight hard and dirty. Sooty grunter... fantastic fun. Fight is very similar to mangrove snapper.
  4. A couple of bunnies from last night.... and one of the results from this morning.
  5. So this morning not so much of a swap fly. BUT a swap material. The bug I posted yesterday in January flies from the view using the Llama fur dubbing accounted for a couple of sooty grunter.
  6. Hi all. As part of the 2018 Christmas swap, somehow I ended up with some Llama dubbing..... finally ties something up with it tonight.... hopefully get wet tomorrow.
  7. A pink shrimp from a shrimp swap? Or a secret Santa present from past years? Big apologies to the tyer, because I can't remember who you are. It's barramundi closed season at the moment so we were trying to avoid them with small flies.... Didn't really work But this shrimp and another brown hackled whistler style fly (with plastic bead chain, and from another swap?) got eats from indopacific tarpon, giant herring (ladyfish) and barramundi.
  8. Thanks all, and Nick. We're well safe from the fires here, thankfully. And there was even a bit of Christmas rain in a few areas that have been battling for months. We're lucky more people haven't died and I'm thankful for that.
  9. You definitely did. I have been slack in the past re posting pics of the results of my Christmas goodies from these swaps. But will do my best.
  10. Merry Christmas everyone. Thank you for the selection of salty flies Denduke!
  11. Thanks for doing this one Nick. If nothing else this is one swap that keeps me going every year. I don't always remember who's flies I get, but they always end up in my boxes and travel round to the local estuaries, flats and freshwater streams. Even if I don't get photos or remember who's it was, please know that many of the flies I have received over the years have accounted for numerous australian natives, as well as a couple of trout.... I'll be opening my package on Christmas eve! Thanks again.
  12. I really can't remember mate. Have had so few fishing opportunities this year I've nearly ended up institutionalised
  13. Just got email confirmation my package has landed in US.
  14. Oh wow!! I just saw this WMV4!! Awesome!!
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