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  1. Great looking foam fly. I like tying with craft foam as well. Works great and panfish love it.
  2. Thanks for the tips. I will give that a shot next time I tie some up. Always looking to improve my tying. So far so good in the fish catching department though.
  3. Nice looking flies. I need to start learning to tie some larger streamers.
  4. Dave at the Orvis store outside of Pigeon Forge is very helpful. He set up my first Orvis fly rod and reel for me. Aaron that works at the store took me out and let me cast some and gave me some tips before I bought the rod and reel. Super nice guys. I'll have to try to go down for a fly tying class sometime. Nice looking flies by the way.
  5. Been tying again. Tried a Neversink Caddis, Mylar Minnow and a Green Weenie this time.
  6. I started by tying the Bully's Bluegill Spider. I also picked up some 49 cent sheets of craft foam at Walmart and tied some foam spiders. Total cost was less than $20 and I have plenty of materials to tie lots of flies.
  7. Thanks. That is a lead wire. .020 and I'm pretty certain that the Tenkara fisherman would have to keep it on the surface by dapping. I am not a Tenkara fisherman myself, but did like the looks of the fly pattern. Hoping I can fish it similar to a Bully's Bluegill Spider, but who knows.
  8. Don't have many materials laying around but had enough to attempt this one. It's a Sakasa Kebari Tenkara fly.
  9. Thanks for the tips everyone. I will check into some heavier thread for the foam. I tied two of the Bully Spiders and the first one was better than the second. Hopefully I will get the chance to tie a few more tomorrow.
  10. I am using Uni 6/0 thread. It was what was with the fly recipe I found for the Bully Spider. I will look into getting a book. Right now I have just been watching videos and looking at photos online.
  11. First off, my name is Brian and I'm from Kentucky and recently became addicted to fly fishing. Tied my very first flies today. My dad gave me his fly tying vise a while back (he only used it a couple of times and then gave up on fly fishing) I tied a couple of Bully's Bluegill Spiders and a beetle looking fly from craft foam. I ran into a couple of problems. First my thread kept breaking. I have a Feather-Craft bobbin and it seems to hold too much tension and doesn't let the thread roll smoothly. My other issue is with the foam fly. The fly turns on the hook. I put a drop of glue on the fly after I finished tying it but it didn't seem to help much. Any help would be appreciated.
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