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Found 15 results

  1. I just purchased a HMH TRV vise with bobbin hanger. I would like to trade it out for a new condition Dyna King Professional.
  2. Hello all, I am getting back into fly tying after about a 15 year hiatus. I found my Renzetti Master over the weekend and I am curious how to best clean it. It was shiny aluminum. Now it's all turned. What could I use to clean it. Syna-King has a video using WD-40 and marine lubricant. Are these sade or the Master and traveler series?
  3. Hi all, Just starting to browse my options. I haven't bought a new vise in 15 years. But it's time to upgrade as I have the dedicated room and time to tie more and the old vises just aren't cuttiing it anymore. I have a rotary vise but the calmp mechanism is accuated by two knobs. So specifically I;d like to have a lever actuated clamping mechanism. Also the rotation friction control on mine just plain sucks. I mostly tie small stuff - and I have vises I can use for bigger hooks so I don't ned something that will handle everything from size 32 through 5/0. Since the eyes have gone south I tend to stick between a size 18 and up. I tie a lot of chironomids, buggers, nymphs of all sorts, some drys. I like a heavy base with no clamp or permanet mount. Can I find something decent for around $200 US ?? your suggestions and ideas to start the search would be most helpful ! Thanks
  4. Im no expert and this is my first full rotary vise. I have played with a few other than this one, and I personally found this one to be the best for what I needed. I am in no way coming down on other vises, except for stating my opinion. I could be wrong on some things with this review, but again I'm not an expert and only stating what I see, and my opinion as the owner of this vise. Now that I am done with that... Take a look at the review below... Click the link to see the full review with pictures on my site. If you are like me, you dont have the money to buy one of each vise on the market and test them out for the best one. With some manufacuturors charging upwards of $500+ for their flagship vise, its hard to even aford one vise, let alone multiple. I recently was on the lookout for a new vise, one with a full rotary feature, and also for a good price.... Read more - Anvil Atlas Fly Tying Vise Review Anvil Atlas Fly Tying Vise Review
  5. hi, I just bought a Griffin Odyssey Spider Fly Tying Vise. there so many version of this vise. it is using cam lock jaws unlike the older version which use screw to clamp. this is my travel spare vise, my main vise is Renzetti Master to add cost it is limited edition black, add cost again with saltwater pedestal. I love the Griffin Odyssey Spider cam lock jaw. it seem that it can hold larger that 4/0 hook as advertise. unlike Renzetti lower model it is using spring on the jaw, Where Renzetti and others is using rubber "O" ring which wear in a year. it is recommended for it is price at US$102. there is another with brass nut and a nice bobbin cradle for additional US$35.
  6. I know my request is probably out of the ordinary, but it would really mean the world to me to have more materials for fly tying. My specialty is the Spanish wet fly or Mosca de ahogada, now that I'm deployed I start acquiring knowledge about flyting but sometimes is overwhelming because here I had a few materials, and so many patterns that I want to tie but logically it's limited for the materials that I have available. Matter of fact today I Finnish the last piece of atron and and I improvise and pull the stuff from the old couch where we are doing guard and use the insides lol it works. The paycheck of a soldier is not so great. Lol but I love my job, I'm the only CBRN in my Battery at the moment. Sometimes it can be a little stressful due to the demanding work, inspections, and drills but having a fulfilling pastime really helps and in part is quite therapeutic as many of you probably know. Recently 4 start general Austin gift me a coin to show me his appreciation for a good job and hard work ethic. Thank you for considering my request. We have a APO address so is like send something to any state of US even if we are in other countries. You are free to ask anything, please don't hesitate and let me know. I would love to send you a letter as well giving you the proper appreciation for being such a great supporter with your donation. Thank you in advance for your consideration. PFC David Ortega Air Defense Artillery
  7. Hi all! I have been thinking of my next project for 3D printing & CAD. My last, Education Brake Caliper (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1362673). Back on topic! I am thinking about taking on a Fly Tying Vise as my next project. I do have a vise with me which has a lever type jaw. I haven't had a chance to be hands on with a collet style vises as of yet. Id like to keep as much of the vise 3D printed as I can. I feel confident id be able to do about all of it aside from some bearings and some screws etc. I will/may look to more developed 3d printing methods for items such as the jaws. Id love to hear folks' feedback on superior jaw types. In order to keep costs down I need to minimize 3d printed metal parts. I can see a short pare of lever style jaws, collet style seems to just a pretty substantial length of metal. I like 3D printing and enjoy the challenges of intricate models vs. trinket printing. Anyways, any feedback ya'll might have would be great, area's of concern, places to focus on etc. Thanks all! Chris,
  8. I am a fly tier but also an amateur wood worker. I am in the design phase of building a desk for my fly tying hobby. I currently use an old computer desk with a Norvise sitting on top. I have always felt that the jaws of the vise are a bit high and therefore put my arms at an uncomfortable position with long tying sessions. So, if I am going to build a desk, I want to get the jaws at an ideal height. I know that I could use an adjustable chair but since this sits in a corner of our Master Bedroom, my wife puts her foot down on using an adjustable desk chair! Any suggestions or references? Jimmy
  9. I previously had a fly tying setup that i had built up over a few years but lost it in a unfortunate incident. I am wanting to replace everything and start tying again. Does anyone have any advice if whether or not the kits with the vise, tools and materials are any good, I have looked at the Orvis kits and a few others and they all run between $150-$200. Just try to start out on the right foot this time around. Thank You in advance for any help.
  10. Been a while since I was able to ty (or is it tie? see it has been to long) due to work and school. My break between semesters just started and I was able to setup my fly tying space (just moved in to this house a year ago). I have had absolutely terrible luck with entire boxes of flies catching a case of the rusty.. I picked up a cheapish fly box about a year ago that had an o-ring style seal around the lid. These flies are still in decent shape. What boxes do you guys use to keep your flies in good shape? Anyone use any kind of rust preventer in their boxes? I fish mostly out of a kayak for bass and other sunfish with the occasional saltwater trips to the panhandle, so I prefer a larger style box, but I'm okay with the larger pocket size ones. Also, I have a certain distaste for my Peak rotary vise. It has been okay, but I never liked the handle for clamping hooks or the jaws themselves (I currently have a broke pin going through it, but have been making due). I've been eyeballing the regal vises, but I have yet to go find somewhere that will let me play with their vises to see what I may like. My desk can't use a clamp style, but do any of you guys use something like the Oasis benches with a clamp style? Do you like it? Got some picks? I also want one with a slightly longer shaft than the peak, and have the vise jaws extend past the base like the regal appears to be. Thanks, DLR
  11. does anyone know what the thread size and pitch is that is used on the Apex Vise stem holder? thnx
  12. Here is a review of the Muskoka MagnaVise that I completed, thought you guys might be interested. http://www.fishbaitsflybox.com/2014/10/review-muskoka-magnavise.html
  13. Hello everyone, I'm going to start tying my own bucktail jigs and need a vise that can handle upto a 5oz jig and 9/0 hook. I would like the vise to be rotating and under $150 but if I need to spend more money then I will. Thanks for any info
  14. Greetings to all, Just got my first, real, actual rotary vise, a Renzetti 2200, that i got for the same price as the Peak, which was the other one I was looking at. It came yesterday, and it sure seems 'delicate' compated to some other vises I have had. No matter, it appears to work just fine but I am curious, are there any other accessories for a Renzetti rotary vise that I am going to need? I have the attachment you put the tying spool of thread over, but is there anything else? I don't need a waste basket, and this is the Renzetti with the C-Clamp, so nothing for a base. Anyway, if anyone knows of an essential accessory, please let me know. Also, any suggestions on the best item to purchase that shows how to get the most out of your rotary vise? DVD? Book? Thanks again to all.
  15. ALCON, Greetings to all. I have been tying for about two years now and I am getting ready to purchase my first rotary vise. However, the selection of rotary vises is quite daunting, and the price variance is astounding. So, if you, whomever you might be, could recommend a good starting rotary vise I would appreciate it very much. My price range is from $0 (Ideal) to $250(ish) (not so Ideal), but flexability is the key they tell me, so send me your recommendations, but remember I am still not Donald Trump wealthy....heck, his housekeeper probably makes more in a year than I do... Thank you to all who respond. Homer in Alabama
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